Medical Coding: When will they replace the system of 250.00, 250.01, 250.02, 250.03, etc

Docs don't always properly follow it and are often confused. It's supposed to be based on Dx not Tx criteria. Surely there is a better way.

For instance, I think I am T2 (or IDDM using an out-of-date term), or now "insulin-dependent T2". However, I see the doc used the diagnostic code 250.01 (T1) on various things, many times. Perhaps it's because my Tx is essentially identical to a T1 at this stage of the game, no matter if I should correctly be a T2 or not. The .01 part means "any T1 not stated as uncontrolled."

No need exists to tell us the hacknied and often repeated info on autoimmunity as evidenced by high reflex to titer of GAD-65, IA-2 or IAA as the essential feature distinguishing 250.01 from 250.00 since that is technically FLASE. T1's come in both types a and b, and GAD-65 antibodies are detected in 20% of diabetic twins who remain disease-free for long periods of time and in 8% of healthy individuals without DM. Plenty of autoimmunity aspects can be positively demonstrated in certain T2's of various type (just as for some people who do not progress to DM).

Are you pulling your hair out yet?

Yes! Some T2s are auto immune and having T2 is just another auto immune response by the body. LOL do I follow you correctly.

Well, I know NOTHING about your particular diabetes, but I do know that those codes are STRICTLY for insurance purposes, and nothing more than that. As far as ANY of us are concerned, the most important thing is to get the correct and effective treatment, and I would rather have my doc do anything he needs to in order to get the ins. co. to cooperate. End of story.

The codes 250.XX comes from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) coding for diagnosis. ICD-9 uses the 250.XXX group. ICD was revised in 1992 and is supposed to be transitioned to use, but that has really lagged (like 20 years). The new codes under ICD-10 are E1X.X. I have yet to see the use of ICD-10.

My current doctor has switched back and forth 250.00 and 250.01.


Y0.0 - Patient has beer deficiency.

Most of us get at least some of our medical supplies from insurance companies!