Medical id bracelet with flash drive

is anyone using them

No, I haven’t heard of this. Do you know which company makes them and what information people store on it?

Kristin, you can find them here Surprisingly the price is not out of line in my opinion

I’ve had one for a couple of years since I was asked to Beta test one. They work fine however I don’t use it. EMT’s and first Responders don’t carry laptops to the actual scene of a emergency and even if they do will not have the time to read out such a device. Reading out some out some of the devices may also require software that they don’t have loaded. And oh yeah,what about the spyware they could be carrying that could effect the basic operation of the stuff they need the laptop for. The only effective way to convey emergency information is the MediAlert bracket which all responders are trained to look for. Basic info on the tag and more info by balling MediAlert with your tag number.

I got mine for free but I won’t use it and I’m a technology guy who is usually a first adopter.


when on line find lot of company who sell them. make sure they can run windows. i live in Atlanta Georgia all emt and hospital cant use the flash drive. so i am going to get one

My problem with most of these things is that the people who need them, can’t afford them. I would be hard pressed to pay $30 for a Flashdrive outfit. Although I am sure very effective, very good and helpful in an emergency, I can’t afford it, and many diabetics I know can’t either. Medicaid and Medicare will not pay for an ID bracelet, and most insurance companies won’t either. But they will pay for the treatment of Emergencies because the person wasn’t wearing one…go figure.

Cathy, assume they were free. They would still not be useful until we had a guarantee that all first responders had the ability to read them at the first point of contact with the patient. This is definitely not the case today.

Agreed… even after the first responders, I’m not even sure a hospital would take the time to get the info off of one…