Medical ID Braclets?

I do medievil live action role-playing. i got a medical alert braclet shortly after i was diagnosed. (i have one friend that is an EMT and another that is a paramedic, both made me.) another one of my friends works a lot with chainmail jewelry, so she is taking my braclet for awhile to make it look better. she is building a chainmail braclet around it. i will post pictures once she has it done.

Uh, oh!! :S

I had an EMT go through my stuff one time. I am glad that he did. Back in my dumb days when I was hypo-unaware and didn’t wear any identification, I had a car accident due to the hypo. The EMT figured I was diabetic because I had syringes and a vial of insulin in my purse.

Found this bit that falls right along the lines of the topic:

I wear a fairly nondescript MedicAlert necklace medallion. Bracelets bug me, and I don’t really like wearing anything like that out where it’s obvious at all times; the necklace is a nice compromise, since an EMT will notice it.

Two of my kids wear a Medical ID bracelet. One for Diabetes, and one for a life threatening nut allergies. So we have tried a few styles already.
First one was from a company that adds a picture of a favorite animal or a character to make it more appealing to the kids. The bracelets were ok, but all the writing/picture scratched off too quick and you no longer could read anything.
On a second try we got a regular store-bought bracelet, took the chain off and created a set of beaded bracelet replacements that snaps right on it (just as a few people already described it), but it wasn’t very durable for the kids.
Finally, we just got child size bracelets from MedicAlert. So far it hasn’t rubbed off, changed colors, or anything like that, and they have records of medications and doctors on file. I really like it.
PS: I always told my kids that it wasn’t an option not to wear it, so now it’s just a second nature to have it on. I hope it stays that way, as they get older :wink:

The first few years I wore a medical alert necklace under my clothes but I didn’t like it. I’d take it off at night and then it was cold to put back on the morning, so I’d put it in my pocket and eventually lost it! My husband got me a medical alert bracelet a couple years ago. It is a gold chain with a bar with my name on the front with the medical emblem and on the back it says “Diabetic - insulin.” I never take it off. Unfortunately, it bumps into everything and has become scratched. Some day I’ll get me something classy looking!

My son wears one from fifty50 pharmacy, he’s a toddler so it’s hard to find really small ones. It has rocket ships on it, real cute.

These aren’t girly! Hope Paige Designs. THey are actually very cool. I wear a medic alert becuase I am too lazy to buy a new one, but these I would buy.

I make my own bracelet and silver tag. The bracelet is rough silver beads with one red bead off-center, and the tag is a sort of rustic-worked silver, a bit smaller than the ones you can buy, with handwriting. If you flip it over I have my name and emergency contact #.
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We were in a car totaling accident last month, thanks to being buckled up we were all fine. My daughter didn’t have her ID bracelet on (we had misplaced it) and when the EMT saw her pump he was pretty stern with me for not mentioning that she had diabetes. I was just in a state of shock and she wasn’t injured so it didn’t enter my mind to tell him. He told me that they are very careful about how they check out little girls and he may have not noticed the pump right away, and if I had been unconscious…Needless to say we don’t leave the house without it any more! She has a very cute beaded bracelet from, it was a little expensive, but it is cute

Both my kids where bracelets from They bands are inexpensive so it’s easy to change as their tastes change.

I haven’t ever worn a medic alert braclet or necklace of any kind but I know that I should. I was actually thinking about this today and decided that I would design a medic alert tattoo. It may or may not be as good as the actual braclet but it will go around my wrist and the detail will be good enough so that when they see it they will look. I have the concept in my head, I now just have to get it to paper.

I actually make my own. I take the “diabetic” part of the bracelet off and attach it to a braclet i made…generally, it has a stretchy thread and cute beads. if you catch the sales, it can cost as little at $2.

I got one from Fiddledee IDs - they have some fabulous stuff. The one I got looks like a Tiffany chain bracelet. Here’s the website - they can customize anything as far as I know (meaning that it says they come in a standard size but I had them make mine smaller)-

I have a sports band bracelet. It’s girly with flowers and too big but, oh well, I have to wear it. I am allergic to metals and I’ve found some nice ones! I don’t like to wear it, but I don’t want anyone thinking I’m drunk either. It does just take that one time. I think it would be funny to wear a t-shirt saying ‘I have diabetes. I’m not intoxicated!’ BUT people don’t think it’s funny. I get a LOT of “OH I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY!!!” if I HAVE to tell someone. I avoid telling people like crazy!

My daughter has Type I and I’ve really looked a lot for “cool” or different jewelry for her that still has the medical symbol. Check out Fiddledee ID’s, they have designer pendants and personalization on the back is free. Very neat necklaces. Also try Sticky Jewelry. Both on the web. I hope this helps!

As a gift my mom got me a beautiful watch for a birthday present and was able to inscribe all of my medic alert info onto the back of this. I am not sure what it costs but this may be a viable option for you all!

Here is where I got mine at

I have a tiffany bracelet and took the heart charm off and had the charm in the lower left corner put on it with all my info on the back. (my snake symbol is gold thou). I figured if I wanted something nice to wear all the time, might as well fork over the money right???

I haven’t seen anyone on here mention silicone bracelets yet. That’s what I use. They are inexpensive, waterproof, durable, and comfortable. I never take mine off, unless I want to change the color. I also use a silicone dog tag as a key chain on my house keys and my car key. Some links are below.