Medical ID Braclets?

Im not a big fan of the bracelets… so im getting a tattoo on the inside of my wrist saying “Type 1 Diabetic” im a fan of tattoos so this makes me happy

I just got a really cool medic alert bracelet this weekend while visiting my parents in San Diego. looks like she got more on this website

you larp! cool

Great links and ideas from everyone but I am noticing some of the prices are a little more than I am use to paying for a bracelet that says I’m a diabetic…I just wear a medic alert brand that has purple printing on it so it is less ugly. Maybe I will upgrade to a pretty one like the ones at this link when I am working again or I will take the one I have and put it on a beaded bracelet myself. I never thought of that!

I have been diabetic for the last 3 years and have never worn any type of medical ID. I hated the way they looked medical and ugly but after talking to my cousin I will be getting one.

He has been a LA state trooper for only 2 years and was telling me all these stories about diabetic related crashes. It amazed me how many he has dealt with in only 2 years. There was one story where him and his partner almost used their taser on a man because they thought he was drunk. He tried to explain he was diabetic and they said the first thing they started looking for was some type of ID.

So after half an hour of these stories I will be ordering one this weekend. Plus he said if he ever catches me without one he will beat me lol.

i’ll admit the whole red med alert symbol isn’t exactly fashionable, but it its useful. You could always just have something that says diabetic on it. has some really cool jewelry to spice it up. Also some people like the colored wristbands: I want the kind that glows in the dark lol. I figure you got get excited about something to do with diabetes, and everybody likes jewelry. (or if you’re me… new meters, funny tshirts, etc.)

i got a new one, that i’ll post later. It was pricey for the engraving(geez extra 10 bucks on top of 25.95), but i got it as a present for my birthday. So treat yourself when you can. I still kept my $10 dollar dog tag i got from the pharmacy, as a back up. I also have a wallet insert that i made where i scribbled type 1 diabetic and put some flame stickers on it. My wallet is bright pink so i’m sure somebody would notice it. Homemade med alerts are just as cool.

I got two for my little girl from Fiddledeeids and we love 'em! They’re very cute…

I have a regular Medic Alert bracelet I got a few years ago. My friend even customized it for me with real pretty beads. But I am really bad about wearing it. There are some really nice ones out there. I am thinking about getting the rubberized ones that are like the Livestrong bracelets as they are very easy to wear. But then I was also thinking of doing the tattoo thing like a few of our members have over in Inked Diabetics group. Then that way I don’t even have to think about it. It’s always there and will never come off.

Dear Melanie, Hi I went on a Medic Alert bracelet some time ago because I have hypo unawareness. this site might give you an idea about the prices and styles that they have. It is important to feel comfortable with any id but with the hypo unawareness i decided that I needed to be safe rather than stylish. Karen M. Rosenberg Type 1 since 1964

My kids (2 sons with T1D) wear stuff from Rescue Me ID’s. They have really cool stuff in lots of styles and colors.

I used to buy the steel ones from the pharmacy. I’d use a labeller to put my info on the back. Eventually I bought myself a real silver medicalert bracelet from a pawn shop that sells them new, for about $35. I then spent $18 having “T1 Diabetes” engraved on the back. It’s small, and I find it never gets in my way. I haven’t taken it off since I bought it. But I love the options you guys all came up with! I’ll be taking a look at them when it’s time to switch to a new one.

I’ve had several bracelets and didn’t like the lack of pizazz…mainly because I worried that unless it stood out on my wrist, no one would check it. So I took one of the cheaper brands that had DIABETIC written on the front, and my contact info on the back. Bought some beads and elastic jewelry thread and made my own look terrific…or you could get a beading friend to do it for you…I still have the two old ones, incase this one breaks, but it goes in the pool, to bike etc in …it’s pretty strong.

I am also going for a “tattoo” on inside of my wrist (“diabetic 1” purple colour). Will post a photo as soon as I have it done.
Kind Regards

Mikheil Elizbarashvili
The card should say I HAVE DIABETES.

My daughter wears a bracelet from Petite Baubles Boutique. They’ve got some pretty girly stuff. I made her get one that had the medical insignia nice and big on the front; no point in wearing it if it doesn’t do it’s job. What’s cool about her bracelet is that the engraved part has a loop on each side, so she can put different bracelets onto it. So far, she’s decided just to stick with the cotton rope it came with (sounds awful but it’s not). She’s worn that thing every single day since Jan., taking it off only for showers and swimming, and the rope still looks like new.