Medical Leave, did you go early?

I'm just about to start my 3rd trimester, I'm due to be induced in about 10 weeks and am starting to consider going on medical leave. I already have to take one day off a week for appointments and I haven't even started the non-stress testing yet. Plus not sleeping at night, a bladder infection that hasn't gone away since week 13 dispite 4 rounds of antibiotics and continuing morning sickness has made the first two trimesters quite tiring, I'm worn out. I haven't gotten any complications as far as pre-e or hypertension goes, I'm just tired of being on gravol and diclectin all day at work to keep my food down and then not sleeping or being able to walk any fair distance because of really bad round ligament pain.

Am I being a wuss about the whole thing, or have some of you left work early for similar reasons? Some people I talk to whom have had kids recently say that it's all normal for a first pregnancy, and than others say that they never had any problems like this before. So now I'm asking the D experts what you have to say :) Any imput is welcome, my next appointment in on monday when we will be discussing medical leave with the doctor.

I was considering leaving a week before my due date. I was already taking up to 5 hours a week for doc appointments and at least one afternoon a week just to rest. And that’s with no com It’s exhausting!!

My job was only required to hold my position for 12 weeks through FMLA. You may want to check with your HR to see what options you have.

I’m allowed 15 weeks of std which would take up the weeks leading o baby’s birth and then 52 weeks of maturity leave. So job holding wouldn’t be a big issue.