Medical plan decision

Hello to the most supportive group of people!

I have switched jobs and have the choice between Aetna’s “Open Access Select Plan,” and UHC’s “Choice Plus PPO Plan.” It seems to me that the UHC plan is pretty good but I keep reading 90% coverage on things where as I am reading 100% coverage on the Aetna plan. I am not very good at the research and decision process, so I was hoping someone could give me advise on which one they have experiences with and/or perhaps what things specifically to check???

Thanks all! Todd

I’ve had UHC for most of the last twelve years through my employer and, from my experience, they suck. I affectionately call them United NoCare. They recently jacked the cost of NovoLog FlexPens so that I now pay MORE THAN DOUBLE. Moreover, I learned of the increase through the Los Angeles Times website – I never received word one from UHC.

As someone else suggested on another of your discussions, probably best to compare co-pays for pharmaceuticals. I compared Choice Plus against the buy-up plan during Open Enrollment several months ago, and found zero benefit to the buy-up plan because Rx co-pay amounts were the same, leading me to conclude that “Choice” is quite the misnomer.