Medical Question

For the last few weeks I have had pain in my left side right under my rib cage. The e.r. doctors just keep telling me it is kidney infection. It is to high up to be my kidneys and I tried to tell them that. I called Dr. A today and he couldn’t get me in until next week. The pain was getting the best of me so I called the doc in the box to see who was working there and it was a doctor that I had seen before that listens to me and I trust. So I went up there and I told him what was going on, told him it felt like something was inflamed on that side. It was so bad that I can’t lay on that side or bend over without hurting. So he felt my stomach and said my spleen was enlarged. He did some bloodwork and it turns out that my spleen is enlarged, my liver function is elevated, my chloride is low, my wbc is high, my rbc, hemoglobin and hematcrit are low and my platelet count is high. I also have a urinary tract infection which explains the high wbc. The low rbc.hemoglobin and hematcrit explain why I am tired all the time. This doctor has no clue what is wrong so he is sending me to a GI next week. Does anyone have any ideas on this.