Medical Update

After all of the fighting I finally was approved for Medi-Cal (Medicaid in CA speak). Still have to pay close to $1,900 a month before anything kicks in so now the real juggling begins (only allowed $600 as a single person against my income which doesn't leave much for necessities). First visit with a new doctor who was very concerned about my current state of health affairs and wants me into an opthamologist ASAP since my right eye (retinopathy) is and has gotten worse. Labs tomorrow will reveal more but I have a sinking feeling I know what is going to be said and it won't be pretty. But at least I have something, which is better than nothing. Make me appreciate when I had good, decent health insurance before I couldn't afford COBRA. Keep fingers crossed and prayers coming because I am not going to stop fighting, even if the wallet becomes extremely small. Now to all of tuFriends out there. I need help to try to pay for my SOC (share of costs) to cover me and it's not easy. I've been searching some of the PAP (patient assistance) programs out there but all seem to lead me back to Medicaid only which - bluntly - stinks because as some of us know after you pay rent, utilities, etc., well you get the picture. Any help is appreciated.

In california there are 2 other options for diabetics,

They are 2 California state run programs that you have to pay for but are close to the cost of regular insurance if we could actually get coverage that is,

PCIP is for those who have no insurance presently and MRMIP is if you have it but are paying too much,

I currently have a MRMIP plan that costs about $550 per month and the deductible is just $500 per year.

In any case I was approved over the phone and All i had to do was send in a paper check for my first month and I was covered immediately.

Here is the link. It is only for people with pre existing condtions

I thought medical had no deductible or copayment. But I couldn't ever qualify for that because I am working.