MedicAlert Diabetes Cellphone Wallpaper

In case your cellphone is your “medic alert”, I’ve created a handful of wallpapers with the usual red “Medic Alert” star and the word “Diabetes”. This wallpaper may be freely distributed.
Please let me know if your cellphone requires resolution lower than 160x120, or higher than 320x240, or if you need a .gif or .bmp rather than a .jpg format… the originals are in vector format and should size up or down as needed.
8628-diabetes160_120.jpg (7.07 KB)
8629-diabetes320_240.jpg (14.7 KB)
8630-T1_insulin320_240.jpg (14.7 KB)

This is such a great idea! I am just sorry that my teen daughter would probably not want it:( But I just love it!

Glad you’re finding the idea good. I’m doing some tweaking… appears my RAZR won’t show everything unless I add white space… I’ll be posting up more of these…
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8637-T1_320_240.jpg (17.2 KB)

Thank you tmana What a great idea.

Very cool idea.

How about including the phrase “I am Diabetic” ??

Totally cool.


I was looking to supply the basics, but since you asked…

I’ve also run a version for people who self-identify as “PWD” rather than “diabetic”
8635-I_AM_Diabetic_center_ws_200.jpg (11.2 KB)

Brilliant idea tmana, thanks.

Great Idea!

tmana, do you think the vectors will scale well to 320x480?


Sure thing. “Vector” means it’s not a bunch of pixels, so when I scale it up, it’s smooth. Try these…
8633-T2_ws_tall_320_480.jpg (35.9 KB)
8634-T2_ws_320_480.jpg (30.9 KB)

Two more images, 320 x 480, for T1…
8631-T1_ws_tall_320_480.jpg (35.5 KB)
8632-T1_ws_320_480.jpg (30.6 KB)

Diabetic Wallpaper Web Page

The Other Half did some hard work getting the files I have available up onto a Web page. The current page is a work in progress. I am adding more files to work on different phones with varying wallpaper sizes.

The files can be accessed directly from

Again, please let me know if you need a different size than what is currently available.