MedicAlert vs. other medical ID bracelets?

Is it worth it to keep rejoining MedicAlert, or are other medical ID bracelets OK? I would love one that doubles as a wristwatch and ID bracelet, and I’ve found some that aren’t MedicAlert. Is it really that important for them to be able to call the number for more info, or could I just engrave another type with my doc’s phone #? I’m on a pump if that makes a difference, so my dosage changes from day to day.

I just ordered a new medical ID bracelet this morning from They’ve got lots of super cute choices, and they engrave them for free!

americanmedical-id I think this is the web site. Nice bracelets and other id stuff

All of my bracelets are from – they have watches that double as medical ids there… I love them!

I found a Canadian website that sells all kinds of medical ids. You can switch out the bands so switch between sporty ones and dressy ones.

No one has answered your question yet. Since you are on the pump, the paramedics/doctors will know immediately that you are type 1 diabetic. That is the main concern. I also like that MedicAlert has your doctor and family information available if you are hospitalized. I have had one for over 25 years, though, and I am kind of stuck in my ways.

I use a Road ID. I list name address spouse phone doc’s phone and meds.

I know EMT’s, with T1 in the family and they think Road IDs are good.

Several years ago I ran into a comment from a paramedic - they always looked for necklaces or bracelets. The “charms” and wristwatches - they weren’t aware that a medical alert would be there.

This may have changed - but I would want to ensure that the paramedics know what to look for.

Just a thought.


I’ve worn a medic alert dog tag since i started on MDIs. I also wear a bright red Road ID on my wrist when i run. It has my contact info on it and says, “If found face down, call 911.” Haven’t had the good fortune to have to have it used yet, but there’s still time.

I have had diabetes for 37 years and when I was first diagnosed I had a Medic Alert bracelet. For some reason I decided that I did not want or need to wear it anymore (stupid idea). Many years later (15-20) I had a serious hypo event and I found that it was necessary to put one back on. I had no idea where my original bracelet from 1972 went so I ordered a new bracelet online with Medic Alert.

Much to my surprise they still had me in there system with maiden name, my parents address in Miami and my original Dr. that has since passed away. I updated all my infomation and now wear the bracelet all the time. I dressed it up with a pretty beaded bracelet that I found at a local craft show. I would suggest that you wear one. You never know if a hypo will happen and you cannot help yourself. …Also get yourself something pretty and keep your info up to date in the database.

I’m not a huge fan of carrying one on me all day every day. I have a card right behind my ID in my wallet and when I go out cycling I use since I can be dozens of miles away from home and the people that know I have diabetes. I also like to wear my Red Rider jersey! :slight_smile:

I have a medic alert necklace that I wear. I like the idea of someone being able to call and get my info. Haven’t needed it yet tho.

Thought Id put my “2 cents ’ in on this(ie: Medic Alert versus other medical ID bracelets etc.” .
Ive been Type I x 39 years Initally my parents enrolled me with medic alert(way back when) BUT I have not renewed my membership in the last 5-10 years .Upon calling (medic alert)I did find out they(medic alert) do still have info on me (of which I updated ) BUT I currently wear a "more affordable " medical ID braclet along with a clip on ID ,(which clips onto my watch band )…of which is available from medtronic ( at a nominal charge) so any medical responders can see that I wear a insulin pump)

I wear a diabetic necklace. I also cary a folded paper with a red cross printed on the outside so anyone can see when my wallet is opened. Inside this paper is a list of all medications and prescription numbers that we are taking. Phone numbers and addresses of Doctors and Pharmacy are also listed. Emergency phone numbers are there too. There is also a printed portrait of us with an inscription SID IS DIABETIC. This paper will speak for us in the event when we cannot speak for ourselves. Keep one in your wallet, glove compartment, tool box in trunk. The police or the paramedics will find them. Keep this file on you computer for easy updates.

I use this one, it’s called MediBand and you can get it at

I think it is important to wear some kind of id that can give sufficient information in case you are unable to speak for yourself. Medic-alert has a personal data base, can give a lot of medical information to help healthcare professionals care for you appropriately and then notify family of your current situation. There may be other companies that do this as well. Which id you use is a personl decision but I believe it is important to wear something so that you get treatment as quickly as possible. It could save your life.

I’m going to just throw this out there, how about a medic alert tattoo? On your wrist maybe??? Thoughts?

I never considered the benefits of MedicAlert before (duh).

The bracelet I wear I like it because it’s comfortable due to the squared design, inexpensive & looks like a regular bangle.

A nurse told me that EMT & ER staff are trained to examine all jewelry for medical ID info. Hope she’s right.

The one I wear I like it because it’s comfortable due to the squared design, inexpensive & looks like a regular bangle.

A nurse told me that EMT & ER staff are trained to examine all jewelry for medical ID info, Hope she’s right.

I have one on my right wrist… jsut the medic alert symbol and in writing type 1 diabetes. One of my best friends and I got them at the same time.