Medicare and Tandem t:slim G5 upgrade

I think that @Dave44 had accurate comments in regards to the improvement in accuracy?

As I read Dave’s comments, his largest complaint was from his personal experience with the older Enlite sensor which clearly had a lower level of accuracy then the newer Guardian sensor.

Diatribe has the following information which seems to be in line with @Dave44 saying the accuracy of the Guardian is less then 25% better then the Enlite? The quote below says about 20% more accurate. Almost the same thing as I read it from a numbers point of view.

"Data presented at ATTD suggested that Enlite 3 is about 20% more accurate than the current Enlite – an average error of ~11% (Enlite 3) vs. ~14% (Enlite) – which should translate into fewer false alarms and a better automated system. "

[Name of new sensor originally going to be Enlite 3 but then changed to Guardian 3. Same sensor - just name change. But potentially confusing.]

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Perhaps, those of us on Medicare who are frustrated by Medicare’s inability to recognize our t:slim X2 Pump as a receiver for our Dexcom, should join together to protest this absurd decision. Medicare is primarily concerned about costs and the advantage of using our t:slim X2 will not add any costs. Please let me know if you would like to join me in this protest.

I am so confused. I started with the Tslim through Medicare at end of March. It is intergrated with my Dexcom g5 and no one has told me not to do that because of Medicare. Am I doing something illegal? And I certainly would join in any protest.

I am on hold to Medicare right now. The number is 800- 633-4227. Ask for “durable medical supplies.” I didn’t know that and lost a whole lot of time trying to explain things to people who couldn’t get anything right because they didn’t know what I was talking about. I was told I was elegible for upgrade in March. I think you must have had you pump for a certain number of years. It’s a warranty thing.
But the pump is upgradeable to G6 software, without needing a new pump. I can’t see your post right now, but if your pumpnisnt the kind that does software upgrades, then ask Medicare when you can get a new one. Also, Tandem has been remarkable about sending out supplies for things that have anything wrong with them. (Hint) Perhaps you could get them in your side?

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