Medicare and the medtronic CGM


Hello Tim, I would definitely agree! G


medicare finally approved the G6??? oooooooo


They did Amy. :nerd_face:!


ooo maybe i can switch over soon




I don’t know how he got coverage while his previous pump was under warranty. However, when you get a pump under Medicare, the first year is considered a lease and after that it belongs to me for the next 4 years. Pumps purchased under Medicare are only replaced every 5 years unlike 4 years for most private insurance. But the lease year is more flexible than private insurance and I know people who have been able to change pumps several months into the “lease.”

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I might need to avail myself of that flexibility, @Laddie, when I get my first non-Medtronic pump, hopefully by summer. If I have issues that are show stoppers, like too many occlusion alarms, or other issues with insulin delivery accuracy/dependibility, I’ll have to figure out an alternative. I hope it doesn’t come to that!


I have no great advice for you, @Dave44. I am one of the unfortunate ones who gets occlusion alarms with my X2. I have been back using my old Animas Vibe for most of the last 2-1/2 months and have found it refreshingly reliable and enjoyable, At the same time I would still choose the Tandem pump over Medtronic every time because I am a fan of Dexcom. I am on my 4th X2 in 2-1/4 years but my online friend who went with the 630G at the same time is on her 5th pump! My current Pump was purchased by private insurance a few months before I went on Medicare so I have not yet experienced the lease period and 5-year warranty of Medicare.


Laddie, your experience with the Dexcom system and the X2 creates quite a conumdrum for me.

My highest priority is a RELIABLE PUMP.
My second highest priority is to have the BEST CGM.

At the moment, that’s the 530G and the G5.

Medicare likely will switch me to the G6 which I’m not sure is a step in the right direction, and I’ve no idea how long my trusty 530G will last. Hence my constant recent interest in pumps(predominantly the X2) and the G6, as well as individual’s experiences with both. Thanks for your comments on your experience.


I agree that the G5 is accurate and very useful. The problem is that the Tandem Basal IQ users can only link with the G5 which is not yet supplied to Medicare customers even though it has been approved by CMS


You meant “G6”; not G5.