Medicare approved Freestyle


I got approved for Freestyle Libre. 14 day
Yes it really took this long. Mistakes were made and it cost a lot of time.

Step 1: Call your Medicare Advantage provider and ask for medical. Ask them for the name and number of your approved Durable Medical Equipment Provider.

Step 2: Call The Equipment provider and tell them you need Freestyle Libre. Have your

doctors Contact information Name, Phone number, Fax Number and email if possible.

Also have your Insurance information.

Step 3: Wait !! I suggest you follow up with calls to the provider and doctor to see if things are getting done. The doctor has forms to fill out and you will get a form to allow charges to your insurance. Once the forms are done the Equipment provider will submit them to your insurance.

Step 4: Wait some more for your insurance to approve or deny based on the doctors forms.

Step 5 If you are approved you will receive your first shipment.
Medicare pays 80%

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How do they define “need”?

That is really up to your doctor. There is a detailed form for your doctor to fill out.
Your approval depends on that form.

Heres info on medicare coverage. Rules may vary for Advantage plans.

Medicare Libre 14 day and Dexcom G6 info

In my case need is multiple Daly shots or inability to use any other meter. But I am a retired state employee. Nancy50