Medicare B, G6 and BGM with Test Strips

T1 since 1992. Until August of 2019 I would test with BGM about 8 times a day and use injections. Then I went on G6 and Tandem X2. When the G6 seems wonky, I would test with BGM to verify. About a week ago, the G6 read LOW with 40. I didn’t feel it, so I went to test and found my meter had died. Changed battery, but that wasn’t it. The meter was probably about 8 years old.

I had my endo prescribe a new meter for me at Walgreen’s where I had been getting all my test strips previously. When I went to pick up, the pharmacist told me that Medicare would not cover it as DME because I was on the G6 CGM. What??? I wouldn’t mind if the G6 were accurate, but that has not been my experience.

Has anyone else had problems with Medicare paying for both?

They will not pay if you have a Libre

The Contour Next One Meter is currently the most accurate meter on the market and it is $6.78 delivered from Amazon. I ordered a few of these some weeks ago to have a spare in the car, office and home. My order included the meter, lancing device, pouch and 10 test strips. Is it really worth arguing over such a paltry sum? It would cost me a lot more than that just to drive to pharmacy to pick it up, even if it was free at pharmacy, or covered by insurance.

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