Medicare Changes in Mail Order Testing Supplies

If you are a senior on Medicare, be sure to check out this article:

The article discusses mail-order Diabetes Testing Supplies, and how the rules have changed as of July 1. There are now just 18 Medicare suppliers for them, depending on your zip code and the type of test strip you use. After reading the above article, I called my (former) supplier, who said I'd have to pay for my supplies out-of-pocket if I continued to use them! Then I called Medicare and I got a list of possible Medicare suppliers in my zip code who would send to me my brand of test strips.

Disclaimer: all I know is what I read in the article in Diabetes Health. It thought that we patients would benefit in the long run -- I sure do hope so!

thanks for posting this Trudy!

here is another view of this from Reuters!

1570-MedicareBiddingProgramPutsDiabeticPatientsinDanger.doc (38 KB)

yet another comment on the pharmacy end:

1569-FiscalCliffDisasterLoomsforDiabetesTestingSupplies.doc (50.5 KB)