Medicare Coverage for Omni Pod Insulin Pump

Subject: Medicare Coverage for Omni Pod Insulin Pump


Stop Congress from cutting Medicare and changing the code numbers for Omni Pod to make it a durable item.
POD A 9274,PDME 0784.

Tell the Congress that they will not be re-elected if they don't start working for their Constituents.
The Omni Pod Insulin Pump is made by Insulet Corporation,Bedford,Ma 01730,

That's why I signed a petition to The Rhode Island State House, The Rhode Island State Senate, Governor Lincoln Chafee, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, which says:

"We have paid into Medicare since we started working. Social Security and medicare were to help us after we retired! LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Those of us on Medicare cannot continue to wear the Omni Pod because YOU made it a disposable item. You need to change the code numbers to make it durable! The present numbers are: POD A 9274 and PDME 0784.

Many of us wear the Omni Pod because it gives us much better control of our blood sugars.
The complications from high and untreated blood sugars are: Blindness,Kidney Failure;Gangrene from a cut that does not heal because of the high sugars,this leads to amputations.

This petition is to have the Congress leave alone the Medicare and Social Security Benefits and to allow us the great protection of an Omni Pod."

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I have been paying for t his out of pocket for 2 1/2 years ....I have a new BS/BC medicare advantage plan and I'm trying again to see if I can get it covered...
I will sign your petition!

If this is for real, I'm signing. Been wanting to contact my representative. It's ridiculous this isn't covered. Do you know what the "correct" coding should be?

Hi Barbraan,

I got this from an open group on Facebook called My Omnipod. It's a smaller version of this group. I don't know the correct coding but perhaps someone in that group may.

I would support this if I knew that it would mean that my BC/BS plan for active state employees that I have now would leave the pods as disposable items under my plan. I'm waiting for my omnipod to ship and the only reason I can afford it is because the receiver is durable medical equipment and I pay 20% but the pods are supplies and they are no charge to me. So to me it's a difference in a one time cost of $190 with the pods free versus a one time cost of $190 and a monthly cost of $70 for the pods. If the pods were durable medical equipment on my plan right now, I would have to stay on MDI.

I worry about retirement and medicare and fear I will never be able to retire because of health costs but I also have to survive until I get to retirement age.

The Congress needs to change the Code Numbers on the omni Pod!
They assigned the Code Numbers:Pod A 9274 & PDME 0784 these code numbers along with the wording make the omni Pod a Disposable item!! I have started a petition on: Medicare Coverage for the Omni Pod Insulin Pump!
The petition is under!