Medicare insurance

what private medicare insurance companies cover omnipod?
I know some do- like Aetna but plans not great. What are criteria

I still have my advantage plan…I had to pay out of pocket for my pods and they are SUPPOSED to reimburse me. I have been approved, but found no one to work with my ins. SO, We shall see, I am waiting for reimbursement. . Aetna DOES cover, Omni Pod, I have it in writing on their documents from the agent who came to my home. I picked a PPO. If my present ins. does not reimburse us, I will change to the Aetna Plan along with medicare.
Many plans with not cover us because of the Diabetes.

I have found that the aetna advantage plan in my area claims it covers the pod based upon 4 ciriteria. The 4th contains meeting 1 of 4 or 5 sections such as ai7 above 7, hypo reactions, dawn phenoena, etc. My concern however is:

  1. it is HMO and not PPO;
    2 I am told that if I leave a supplement plan that I have now and go to advantage plan, if I ever want to switch back the carrier will need my medical history to see if I will be covered in the plan. it is not automatic as it was when first enrolling.To me this is a gamble. I do not have other medical issues now-type 1 is enough- but who knows the future and I need to get a primary care Dr. etc. I hote to spend the thousands but gamble is risky to make. Any thoughts?