Medication and medic alert bracelets

I was recently taken off of the medication avandia by my dr. and put on janovia. It seems that My blood sugar is not as low as i would like it to be. In the morning it was 95 to 100 and now it is about 145 and higher. Has anyone had this problem with this medication.? I also take metfromin. I know it works differenly for people. I am happy I found such a good website that pertains to diabetes. Also, do most of the people that have type 2 diabetes wear a medic alert bracelet? I do not if you do what are some of the web sites?


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I am on the januvia and it has lowered my sugar but like you not much so I also have to take the metformin to help. My speciallist had to take me just a month ago off the metformin temporarly and I will be off of it for at least 2 months becasue he wasnts to get a blood test done and the type of test he needs to do the metformin can not let the reading be clear. So now I am seeing since I have only been on the Januva again alone that my readings are high again but depending on what I eat they can be in better normal range as possible. I just really can not eat anything with a lot if any carbs to get it to come into a normal range area. I know when I get back on the metformin things will be better for me again and I will not have to worry as much as I am now about my sugars.

The med alert braclets question. I do not wear one at this time but I am also lookikng and all I have done is type in med alert braclets and there are a lot of web sites that have them. I am trying to find one that will go with everything that I wear and wont look so bad I feel with my jewlery that I wear. I think this is more of an issue with women on how it looks. That is one reason it is taking me a bit longer. now when i was younger I didnt care how it looked I just wore one for my epilepsy because my parents made me wear it no matter what and then they just got me one from the pharmacie becasue they had the normal generic ones.

I have Type 2 diabetes and wear a medic alert bracelet. I have purchased about 13 of them from this company They are a little pricey, BUT I feel if I have to wear a medic alert bracelet for the rest of MY life I want it to look great and make ME feel good! This company fills both those needs. They have them for women, men and children.


I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I have been attending some classes in regards to living with diabetes. One of the topics to be discussed was wearing a medic alert bracelet. Due to time overruns, this topic was not discussed. Instead, we were handed a brochure and that was about it. So, I apologize if this sounds naive, but what are the benefits to wearing the medic alert bracelet? Also, what would you have engraved on the bracelet? Do you list your medications? Contact information? I remember wearing one as a small child, but I think it was for safety reasons.

By the way, the is a great recommendation. The variety of styles are incredible.

Hi Tracy - if you are unconscious or unable to communicate, the medic alert bracelet is supposed to help medical personnel know how to treat you. Paramedics, etc. are trained to look for the bracelet with its special symbol. What should you put on it? The things that would be important for them to know.
I’ve got

TYPE 2 Diabetes
See wallet card

Then I carry a laminated card in my wallet that has my husband’s and my endocrinologist’s phone numbers and more details about my meds. I have the metformin listed on the bracelet because it will react with contrast dyes used in some medical procedures.

Ask as many questions as you want…we’ve all been in your shoes. The more you ask, the more you learn.

(BTW, I saw in another thread that you are reading Gretchen Becker’s book - that’s great! I sent her an email several years ago to thank her for writing it, and she replied…seems like an awfully nice and super knowledgeable person)

I got mine on They are more fashion type id bracelets and I think mostly for women but I believe they have some for men too.

I can’t stand having anything on my wrist, which is why I don’t wear a watch. I also work around open electrical panels and a bracelet (especially one moving as I move my arm) may serve as a safety hazard. Is their an alternative to wearing a bracelet? Hey, I have been wanting a tatoo! May be my wife will drop her opposition to one if it is a “Type 2” or “Diabetes” tatoo on my wrist.

wow. I would do this.

I just got one in the mail today from American Medical ID … I got a sterling bracelet and the “vintage” charm. On the back it says my name and “Diabetic Type 2.” I wish I had added “card in wallet” but didn’t …

I just got a velcro one from (thanks Tracy Q for the link. I don’t usually wear any jewelry and have very small wrists so this works well for me. It contains a waterproof card that you hand write so I can even go swimming when I am wearing it. I’m going home to England next month and thought it would be smart to wear one at least for the trip.

I’m Type 2 and wear a medic alert bracelet. If my blood sugar drops too low or soars too high and I have physical problems, I’d like for those around me to know why. I don’t think it is anything to be ashamed of, so might as well wear the medic alert bracelet.

I just ordered one for my daughter from (Sticky Jewelry) - they have a huge selection and they sell other things besides medical jewelry that can be engraved!