Medingo/ Solo 4 You..What are your thoughts on this company?

Hi everyone,
I ran across this company, Medingo/ Solo 4 you, and I was wondering if anyone has any information about the company and products…I already have their website, I just wanted to hear your info on the company/products…It’s new to the US and I haven’t heard much about it… Thanks, Tara

Holy-new-insulin-pump-option Batman!

I’ve never heard of this pump/company, but it sure looks cool.

I think this company and product are well worth watching. The Solo was invented by the same parent company that invented the first CT scan machine, I believe. The design already has FDA approval and they plan to start selling in 2010. The micropump and insulin reservoir can be detached from the cannula set which means replacing a cannula due to occlusion is less costly than Omnipod. The detachable design also means you can add insulin at any time. The electronics of the micropump are replaced every 3 months vs every 3 days for Omnipod which should reduce cost. I suspect the detachable design will reduce waste from priming failures which sometimes happens with Omnipod. The website’s video seems to show that the reservoir fill process withdraws insulin from the vial and channels it directly into the reservoir vs most pumps which require drawing insulin into a fill syringe first, then expelling it into the reservoir. The detachable reservoir means that changing the cannula set every 3 days or due to occlusion failure does not require having a vial of insulin with you unless you are running out of insulin. Overall, it seems like a lot of thought was put into the design which included input from focus groups. The micropump has buttons to allow bolusing directly without the remote control unit. The remote control appears smaller than Omni’s PDM but that may change when they eventually integrate a bg meter. The bodyware is less tall than the pod (it was comfortable when I laid on my side) but I think the two will be nearly analogous when Omnipod comes out with its smaller pod. Overall, I hope the design results in a more reliable and cheaper tubeless pump system. An integrated bg meter and PC software are in development but I suspect it will be a good while before that happens and for some people that will represent a serious downside. Also, I doubt integration with CGM will occur anytime in near future, if ever, unlike Omnipod which is definitely working on it and will probably roll that out within the next year.

Looks really interesting! I sent for samples of both Omnipod and the Solo, wore the Solo for 3 days and completely forgot it was on, not the Omnipod which didn’t seem any larger until you put it on. Not on a pump yet but this one could be the one for me!! :slight_smile:

This does look extremely interesting. I’ve sent for my sample and it looks really cool. I use pens, and as we all know pens are astronomically expensive!! I’m hoping by switching to this new pump when it becomes available, I can save some serious money !!

I just received the Solo Trial Pod. I will be wearing it this week and comparing it to the OmniPod I wore a few weeks ago. It is very small and flat…compared to the OmniPod. If I become a pumper, this would be the way I would go.

I’d not heard nor seen anything about this until now. Can’t wait to know more about it!