Medtronic 630G/670 Vs Omnipod


I agree it is different pumps for different people. I have no experience with the current tubed pumps.


I corrected my statement as best as I could. I wasn’t trying to scare
anyone. I really had a experience with a recalled minimed pump that
actually took my life.I was not informed about the pump recall ,only the
infusion set recall. The 1st minimed pump that I had was great! I am upset
with the company because I spent Xmas and new year in the hospital not
remembering what happened.
When I was discharged from the hospital I then had a seizure disorder and
brain damage.

Even at that I accepted it. It was not until a few years ago after retiring
from being a dental assistant I had no income and I researched if I was
allowed to sell my 2 pumps.Then I found out that pump was recalled and it
took the lives of many diabetics! Sad but True.
I am a BRUTALLY honest person. I don’t sugar coat s***.
I will watch my Ps & As


When I first came out of the closet with my diabetes many years ago, I was nervous. I didn’t know what people would say, or if I would lose my friends. I don’t think anyone had any idea. I always pretended that I was not. I did such a good job of pretending that I was just like them, and I kept my Dness hidden.

Like they’d see a “sweet little dish” and make comments about how awesome it looked, and I would join in and act like I had the same interest in it that they did. But I was just pretending. One time they tried to get me to take this cute little cupcake home with me, late one night when the bar was closing. And I had to make excuses because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But when I finally told people and became open with it, I found that my friends were truly supportive. They didn’t ask me dumb questions like, “Have you always known you were a diabetic?”, or “Do you think you were just born that way?”. They accepted me for who I was. I found some support groups in the community with other diabetics who really helped me accept who I was. I no longer had to hide it.

I still do things with my non-D friends. They haven’t excluded me because of who I was, or because I had openly told them about my Dness. And since I came out, I have more D friends too.

Now everyone at work knows I am D. Sometimes when they see a famous D on television, like an actor or something, they ask me questions about him or her. I think it’s kinda funny - like all us D’s know everything about all the other D’s that are in Hollywood. :grinning: But nobody has been rude and asked me anything too personal about the private parts of my D life.

I am very glad that I came out of the closet. I encourage you to do the same. Everyone here is D. We know what you are going through. We all support you.


@James18 @Eddie2 is absolutely correct! If you are in the closet you are in denial. If you are in denial you cannot properly treat yourself. You are going to run into situations where people are going to need to know. I came out about five years in (about forty years ago) when I had a hypo at work. I almost died. And not to mention what I could have done to my poor patient.


I feel like when it’s the first few years, you can’t really just expect everyone to come out like that, thats not healthy and it’s a defense mechanism, but everyone has their own preferences, I think when we play emotion into it, you can’t really treat yourself. I respect all the opinions in here and I hope that someday, I am able to confront my fears and come out but until then, I really hope someone can help me with the issue i’m having.

I’m thinking of trying the Omnipod for 90 days by using the $200 cut the cord program, now my question is, lets say I don’t like it and I want the Medtronic 670G, would it affect my priority access to the Medtronic 670G because I currently have the 630G. These companies seem to always have some loophole to tangle you in and thats what I feel like Medtronic is doing, they haven’t released the pump yet, but they’re buying customers in using the 630G. I hope someone on the forum could help me out with this predicatment because I’m tired of talking to the reps for the past 8 hours.


I don’t think it would affect priority at all. If you have the 630, that’s what puts you in
priority. They don’t know or care what else you have.

The priority thing is a bit silly. They want to sell you that pump. The idea of “priority” was simply to get people to sign up. If you don’t have priority, you can still get the 670, just a little bit later. Big deal. You will always be able to get a pump from Medtronic, I promise. Maybe a little later, but you can still get it. Don’t let them use “priority” as a scam to keep you from trying something else!

BTW, if you want to keep your D hidden, there is no question the OmniPod is much sneakier. Tubes are a big giveaway.


Thank you so much for your help, and @Eddie2 you just made my life easier by motivating me. I think Im gonna start on Omnipod next week, and if it suits me then ill stick to it if not I’ll return it. I can always revert back whenever, with the Cut The Cord Program and still be in line for the 670G.

Lets hope Its a safe journey, the idea of DKA scares me.


Good luck to you! Let’s us know what you end up with.


Did you try the Omnipod? I am curious as I am struggling with what to do. I currently am trying out the 670 g and I have to say since being on Omnipod for the past 4 years- going to a big pump and being connected by tubing again- isn’t my favorite thing. I just cant help but think am I missing out on the newest technology and better control if I go back to omnipod…


Yes, I am on the omnipod. Tubing is kind of a deal-breaker for me.

I am not too interested in the CGM managed basal adjustments that the 670G does. I think I do better just taking care of it myself.

Not having a connected device is much better for me.

Why did you go the to 670G?


BTW - If you are looking for an Omnipod and want to have the cgm connected, be aware that Insulet and Dexcom are partners. It would be shocking for the next Omnipod release not to have cgm integration.

Whatever the integration starts at for initial release, once they start going down that path they almost surely have intention of going all the way. One would also assume the integration could not possibly be forced onto the wearer but rather it would be optional for the user to decide if it is appropriate for them or not.

I have no idea what timeframes might be.


I suspect the CGM integration is 2 releases away. Nobody from the company will ever say anything official, so it is just my speculation (based on me adding up many phone calls). But I think the next release will just be the hardware platform (their non-phone Android platform), and the 2nd release will have Dexcom integration. It is a work-in-progress.


You mean integrated sofar as the receiver being incorporated into the Omnipod PDM, correct? AFAIK, you can’t have the sensor so close to an insulin infusion site as the size of an Omnipod would require it to be, and besides, Omnipod site changes are more frequent than for Dexcom sensors.


oops, I wrote the first sentence wrong. DUH. Was supposed to have read,“You didn’t mean sofar as the receiver being incorporated into the Omnipod PDM, did you?” I need a proofreader. then again, they wouldn’t have known what I was thinking. :slight_smile:


right. now we are on the same wavelength. :slight_smile:


I think I was just sold on it by the medtronics rep. I have had an awful time with it and don’t like the large heavy pump. The tubing is also a deal breaker for me. She wants to meet again today before I return it- but I don’t think I will- I keep trying to convince myself to try the newest and best- but sometimes the best isn’t the BEST for me! I really want the Omnipod back and to upgrade to the Dexcom G5 since I had the g4 and it is now out of warranty. I think the pod is great for more active people and 670 g may work for the more sedentary. They told me the pump was water proof but that a far cry from the omnipod- who swims with a big pump attached to them and I coach a special Olympians and many time they kick and are very active in the water and it doesn’t stay on. Also they said you never have to take if off if I don’t want to. Well how exactly do you take a shower with a pump???Seriously!


If you gave it a try, don’t let any salesperson talk you into something you really don’t want.

If there is a deadline for a product to be returned then be sure not to miss the deadline.

Ultimately this is all about you. Don’t let any salesperson from any company convince you of anything else.


thank you Tim. You are so right…I will cancel my apt today and find out how to do this return process (which Im sure will be a nightmare). I made sure they put in writing that I had 30 days from the time I started the entire looped system- and I haven’t even gone to the loop system- I already don’t like the tubing and pump so trying the loop system isn’t going to change that issue for me. I just hope I don’t have to play the insurance nightmare game- but I will expect that and hopefully be pleasantly surprised!!! I really do appreciate your comments- it really helps assure me that 670G may not be for everyone…


Who is your insurer? I hope it works well for you.

I agree with Tim, there is no way a salesperson should be pressuring you.


I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and I am hoping no issues on the phone right now with Medtronics- already telling me 14 days processing…uggh