Medtronic 630G/670 Vs Omnipod


I love how they are always available to help you with insurance and everything else along the way of going on their product but when you decide it isn’t right for you- they say call the number on the bottom of your pump and good bye!! So helpful…smh


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Hi Robin25,

I’m new to these forums, but I had the same call to Medtronic a week ago. I see that your post is from more than 14 days ago. Do you have any updates on your return situation?

T1D for 38+ yrs
Pumping for 20, hate the new 670G and CGM


Im so sorry for the delay in my response- I am back on the pod and I love it- I have returned some of the items and I am still waiting for them to send me information on returning the pump but haven’t got any information- they are terribly slow.


Hi @Robin25,

I just went through the same experience. When you want to return the Medtronic they are incredibly slow and unhelpful. They also told me that Omnipod was a terrible pump, when I asked why, they just said, they didn’t have any specific reasons, but they had heard that. I was very unhappy with this.

They kept telling me the Medtronic was superior. I kept telling them, I really didn’t like it and I hated the tubing. She then told me, only good pumps have tubing. Then I asked the million dollar question: Which pump do you use? Her answer: I don’t have diabetes.

All the nurses I’ve spoken to told me all pumps have pros and cons, it all depends on your lifestyle. When I told my nurse I was getting the Omnipod, she told me that was an awesome choice. Long story short, sales reps always bad mouth the competitors, never take their advice to heart.


Ha! :grinning:

It just depends on what you think is a priority. I hate tubes. For others, it’s no big deal.

The best thing is for everyone to look at them all closely and decide for themselves. And not to listen to a salesman’s pitch.