Medtronic 630G Question about battery cap

Hello everyone, I’m wondering if it is necessary to change the battery caps on the 630G medtronic insulin pump. I had the accu chek pump before this and I had to change the battery caps every few months, just wondering if it’s the same for this? Also can rechargeable batteries be used in the pump/is it better to use non-rechargeable batteries? Thanks :slight_smile:

You should never have to change a battery cap - My wife has medtronic pumps for over 10 years and never changed one.

Look in the manual for the battery question

I believe rechargeables should be fine - I would change them after a set time and not wait for them to issue low batt warnings.

Eneloops are top of the line off Amazon

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Here are Medtronic’s recommendations:

“The pump requires one new AA (1.5 V) battery. For best results, use a new AA lithium (FR6) battery. The pump also accepts an AA alkaline (LR6) or a fully charged AA NiMH (HR6) nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery.”

When I was on a Medtronic pump, I couldn’t use a battery if it had been used at all (even briefly) by anything else. It had to have a completely full charge or the pump wouldn’t accept it.