Medtronic 670g or Tandem

I have to choose between the 670g or a Tandem pump this week. I really don’t want to test blood sugars all day with the 670g. I would rather use the new Dexcom 6 cgm. No testing. Medtronic isn’t compatible with the Dexcom. Which would you recommend?

Having a Tandem, and not ever owning a Medtronic but hearing the user complaints, I chose Tandem. G6 for Tandem is expected late Q4 2018 or Q1 2019.

After much discussion with my endo…I went for the Medtronic 670g it is shipping this week. And then I can have more insight and reccomend or not.

I used the Dexcom Cgm and loved it but that will
Be gone now because of the Medtronic 670g

Good Luck