Medtronic CGM recharger

Hi all,
I’ve begun to notice I have to replace the battery in my charger every few weeks now. Is something wrong with it? Do I need a new one? I feel like before, I had at least a month or so before it needed a new battery. Could it be old?

I had a problem with my first medtronic CGM charger. I called my CGM trainer and she replaced me a new one. I had mine replaced almost 4 months ago and I have not replace the battery yet. I do use my CGM daily. I would suggest calling the Medtronic hotline and ask them about it. Hopefully, you will get a new replacement.

Check the contacts on the charger. If they are corroded then this will cause problems with the battery holding a reasonable charge. I went through this with the Paradygm charger a couple of times over a two year period.