Medtronic Elite Sensor - Reliability issues


I have seen something of a common thread about the reliability of the Medtronic Elite products, but would like to get some more feedback from other users.

My first sensor worked very well tracking finger results fairly accurately, but after that I am around 1:5. My last sensors have all consistently been highly inaccurate - I have experienced sensor readings of around 2.2mmol/L when finger prick was above 10mmol, consistent sensor readings of 2.5 when finger is around 5. There was one "event" where sensor glucose dropped from around 7 to 2 in a 15 min period stayed there for an hour then jumped to 12. I am coming to the conclusion that the latest Medtronic product is basically useless and in terms of sleeping more comfortably with a sensor, I am basically not sleeping because at night the number of false errors vastly exceeds the accurate predictions.

I have been on the phone for several hours with Medtronic (I am a fairly technical user) discussing possible binary errors with the transmitter (it is only warranted for 1 year from purchase - another issue!) but all to no avail.

I would especially love to hear of similar issues from other users , to build a story to take to Medtronic to have them really work on their product.