Medtronic infusion no delivery...thinking of switching to Omnipod

Just watched a video for omnipod. The auto-insertion seems really cool. I'm curious if it hurts less than using a quickserter device (medtronic)?

Recently I've been struggling with a lot of "No Delivery"...with a site change, it's not uncommon for me to try 2x before getting it to work. Sometimes it obvious bent canula, sometimes I take it out and I've hit a blood vessel...but often I don't know for a while that it's not working. I'm getting pretty frustrated with the pain (it feels like being harpooned) of the insertion and also inefficiency of this system.

Thinking of switching and curious if anyone out there has experience having used both. Worried if I switch to omnipod I may still experience error messages? Is it me or the pump??

Which sets are you using??? The angled sets (Silhouettes) work very reliably if you insert them manually. The harpoon-like serter can cause kinking of the set. When I was originally trained we were advised to insert manually and not use the serter.

I recently switched to an Animas pump. The rep gave me a few of their Inset 30s to try (these are an angled set with an inserter). I tried 3 and all were kinked when I took them out. I don't have any problems with the Comforts (which are manually inserted and identical to the Silhouettes)


I use the Sure-T set which is an actual needle (not a canula). I am extremely slim (2% body fat) and this one was recommended. The needle goes straight in (just a finger push) with no inserter and is very short. If I place it in a spot that is uncomfortable, I can take it back out and stick it somewhere else. My Dexcom CGM hurts a lot more on insertion than the Sure-T (at least in my stomach area)

I would recommend that you try a few other infusion sets before moving to the Omnipod. I tried the Omnipod for five months and returned to the Ping due to many occlusion and no delivery alarms. To be fair, Omnipod has many very satisfied users.

I switched to the Omnipod due to inconsistent absorption at sites using the Inset 30 set. But I had much more trouble with the Omnipod. When I returned to the Ping and tried the Inset 6mm (90 degree angle), I resumed consistent absorption. If I had it to do over again, I would have experimented with various infusion sets before making the jump to the Omnipod.

I also tried the Contact Detach (same as Sure-T) steel infusion sets. They worked well but I had to change them every other day. If I pushed to a third day, the site would get sore and swollen. The beauty of the steel cannulas is that they never kink and if you need to move to another site shortly after inserting, you can just lift it out and place it into another location with some extra adhesives.

Good luck with your switch, if you decide to go that way. I was able to take advantage of a $200 out of pocket upgrade. That meant that my insurance company did not actually buy me the Omnipod system and I still had the opportunity to get a new Ping. Otherwise, if I would of had the insurance company buy the Omnipod, I would have been stuck with that choice for four years.

Well, I've never tried any other pump than the Omnipod. That said, my experience is that the insertion is sometimes completely painless, other times a brief stick no more painful than a fingerstick to check blood.

Also, it happens so fast (fraction of a second) that by the time your brain has registered that it occurred, any pain is fading fast.

Finally, the pod offers much more flexibility in placement, and site rotation. I wear mine on the back of my arms, which for me is ideal. I literally forget it's there the vast majority of the time.

I've had exceptionally good results with the Omnipod -- only a handful of pod alarms and 2 occlusions over 9 months. Not sure what causes the huge differences in success vs. failure for different people -- physiology, user mistakes, don't know.

All I can say is that, "Hooked on phonics works for me!"... uh, I mean omnipod