Medtronic Minimed Revel (723)

Hi everyone—

Just wondering if anyone here has tried the Medtronic Revel (723) yet. I am gearing up to start pumping and learned today that the FDA approved the new model just last week. The New England area rep is wearing one and says it is great. I understand it has additional predictive alerts; a new 1 : 1 insulin to carb ratio, and a basel and bolus delivery option of .025. If those features are desirable I'm going to see if I can get that model instead of learning with the 722. Look forward to hearing from anyone that has some knowledge or experience. Many thanks.

NO knowledge , NO experience,…but I spoke with a Canadian Medtronic person at 6 pm my time tonight ( 3 hours later in the East…her time ; she returned my call ) with the question , when Revel available in Canada …it’s Health Canada’s ( FDA 's counter part) decision …and caller mentioned it could be soon , it could be later. …for me " patience , patience, patience " :slight_smile:
The MM website will have , no doubt ,more info as far as capabilities is concerned .
Signed a 522 pumper !!

Thanks for your response, Nel. How do you like the 522? This will be my first time pumping…I start training for it at the beginning of April and I’m really looking forward to using it. Congrats, btw, on your involvement with the Olympic torch relay…that is exciting for sure! …Anthony

Thanks Anthony about the Olympic Torch Relay …let’s face it it was " diabetes , that made me do it " :slight_smile: I have been a MM pumper since 2001 , upgraded when available . I always have had support from the company , as well as my pump nurse …for me no reason to change brands. I also wear the CGSM and have had far fewer low blood sugars . Very fortunate, that our extended health benefits pay for the sensors .Hope I answered your question .Be well .

Good on you , I just read, that your Revel has been ordered …I don’t know, why I want to call this pump Rebel ??

You must be the first on the block…good for you! What do you think?

Hi, Erika…sounds like you in a frustrating position…I don’t envy you. By all means, put the box in a bar and the bag in a closet that has the door closed. I’d be itching and scratching to open it, too, if I were in your position. Mine came today and Friday I am going to start person-to-person training for it. In the meantime I’m reading a few books, taking the online web-based training, and trying hard not to get overwhelmed with the information. (This is my first time pumping.)

Hope the insurance company surprises you and lets you know soon that it is yours to keep. Best to you…let us know. Warm regards, Anthony

PS - thanks for the suggestion of checking out the Minimed pump group—will do that momentarily.

I received the 722 in the mail and a few days later Medtronic came out with the Revel. I called Medtronic, I had it less than 30 days and they traded it out for me. Great Customer Service. I have read all the books, pamphlets, online training, CD training and the trainer will coming to the house in the middle of the month for more training. It’s weird this is my first pump, I am excited and nervous all at one time. As far as the new specifics, I really cannot relate to them, since I am new to the hole process.

Oh, we are in very similar situations. This will be the first time pumping for me as well. Like you, I’m excited and a bit anxious at the same time. Seems like lots of stuff we have to know, but I’m just going to take it one small step at a time. They told me to give it at least a month until I feel comfortable. The benefits seem to be well worth the investment of time and energy. Let’s keep in touch and compare notes if you’re interested. I have my first meeting about the pump on this coming Friday. Thanks for sending your note. Talk soon!