Medtronic minimed sure t

I have a problem with the Sure T.
It connects fine, but when I want to shower I have a hard time unclipping my pump.
The squeezable clips are too small for my apparently fat fingers.
Anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences?

That’s one issue with Medtronic. Where you have those clips and the tubing is welded to the cartridge.

The tslim has the exact same connector, but also allows you to disconnect from the pump with twist almost exactly like a luer lock as a second option.

Mini med (before merger with Medtronic) also had a luer lock connection that I thought was easier to manage even when I was young and I had more dexterity.

I’m so used to the clips now, I can unplug them in the dark, and put it back too if I need.

Thank you, Timothy. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one with this problem.