Medtronic Mio?

Hi all, I am a minimed pump user and for the past 8 years I’ve used the quickset inserters. Lately I’ve been having some trouble with them, mainly on one side of my stomach. The minimed rep sent me a bunch of samples, and I just inserted the mio. So far I like it (hasn’t been long enough to determine whether or not it will work on the stubborn side of my stomach) but I just have a question…I noticed that if you want to disconnect, a connector needle comes out as well. For all of those who disconnect at anytime (shower, etc) how do you keep it sanitary? The quick sets didn’t have a connector needle so this wasn’t a problem for me. Any suggestions or advice?

Thank you!!

i use the cleo90 sets, which also has a small needle that comes out when i disconnect. ive never really worried about it staying sanitary, i just leave it wherever, and ive never had any problems with it.

Same here. I don’t worry about the sanitary aspect of it.

I also had trouble with Quicksets in my stomach, as have others I’ve spoken to, and the Mios have resolved all of our problems. I hope you have the same luck! I love them.

I started using the Mio’s earler this year but as for it staying sanantary I’ve never used anything to do so.

thank you!!

Danielle, , I dangle mine over the side of the counter therefore it doesn’t touch anything.