Medtronic mySentry -Remote Glucose Monitor

I received an e-mail today from Medtonic about their Remote Glucose Monitor - "adjustable volume control is designed to awaken even the deepest sleepers". I think this was a much needed enhancement for those of us who sleep through all the alarms.

Unfortunately, I need Dexcom to make the same enhancement.

I saw that email today too. Neat idea.

Neat idea, and definitely looking forward to something similar being released for Animas users. The 50 foot range is a little concerning though, as it’s quite short. Wireless networks have a 300 ft range, and even those tend to have areas in a home with poor signal reception.

From my understanding the new device is primarily for nighttime use. So the person wearing the CGM can at a quick glance see what their range is, if they are stable, dropping or rising, or a loved one can quickly see it. Kinda like waking up and taking a quick peak at your alarm clock. So i would think in that sense 50 feet would be more than sufficient. I know if I got something like that most likely it would sit right next to my bed. I'd still have my CGM on me so during the day or while awake your still being monitored.

I was thinking more along the lines of how they were advertising the use in the video, where the parent was using it to monitor their child’s values through the night. To me 50 ft in a best case scenario seems short.

The device itself is cool though, and I’m sure improvements will be made as it is still in its initial stages. :slight_smile:

True yeah I never thought of that...that does seem like you said a bit short. Especially if you have a decent size home, or maybe bedrooms up and downstairs.