Medtronic Quickset Self-releases

I frequently find that the Quickset’s quick-release mechanism is mostly a self-release mechanism. When I find my BS spiking, it usually is attributable to to the connector’s failure to maintain a fixed position. I tried putting tape over it this morning and so far, it’s holding. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how do you deal with it?

Do you mean if you use the Quickset inserter? Or are you saying the sticky pad doesn’t stick? At any rate, I read a research paper that studied infusion sets and rates of failures. One of the things the study noted was that inserter-aided infusion sets fail more often than manual insertion. I was happy to read that because Quickset failed all the time for me when I used the inserter. Now I just poke it in myself a slowly, but steadily and don’t have failing sets nearly as often. I always put Tagaderm tapes over both the top of the set and the tubing, because I also get infusion sets failing when I accidentally tug on the tubing or brush the top of the set with the tiniest bit of pressure. Hope this helps.

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Actually, I haven’t had any real issues involving the Quickset inserter, which I do use – except when I’ve hit a blood vessel or scarred area. My problem is with the quick-release connector at the end of the tubing, which sometimes seem to release on its own.


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I use Tandem now, but used Medtronic quick-sets for over 20 years, without issue.

Does this happen with newly inserted site, or more common after disconnect/reconnect (for example after shower)? At reconnect, I would do slight tug on tubing to confirm it clicked into locked position.

I miss not having quick-sets for Tandem.

The twist is the important part of secure attachment. I am very careful to be sure and get the connection feeling like it is snapping into place. I if it has not snapped into place, it will almost always fall off.


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Lately, I’ve found that the quick release connectors are holding alot better. Maybe it was a production issue that was causing the problem. . . .