Medtronic Recall? No Communication?

I agree that the debate is beside the point, if the law requires that you be informed, then you should have been informed. I don’t know what happened in the case of you or your friend, but I was informed.

I am glad that I was informed. Mine isn’t cracked, but I will keep a closer eye on it from now on. I’m inspecting it each time I change the reservoir, which I hadn’t thought to do before the notice.

…plus I peer inside with a flashlight, and check for cat hairs … just because … LOL


:slight_smile: A couple of times a year, I put a very tiny amount of Superlube on the o-ring and blow out the chamber although I’ve not seen any particles of anything coming out. I used to lube the battery compartments of the pre-670 pumps, also. The 670 battery cap doesn’t rotate as much as the older models so I don’t bother with lube.

:joy: :joy: :joy:

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I dropped mine and the chamber cracked, along with the ring, but it was still working fine so I carried on using it. Then I got the recall notice in December - they sent out a new pump the next day.

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