Medtrum: doesn't look like a great choice, at this point

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Libre is working great for my wife - insertion of the sensor is almost mindless - could not be any easier or quicker

We need the competition. They will get there.

If I was Dexcom, I’d have Abbott in my rear view mirror. I use Dexcom, but my wife (T2D) has been using a Libre system for about 6 months. It’s a solid, reliable well affordable product. It’s perfect for her because she doesn’t need the added fuctionality in the G5/G6 that are important to T1D’s

More importantly I think, Abbott is the 800lb gorilla on the block. With their resources, they could leap-frog everyone if they make it a priority. Hard to say if they’ll do that. Maybe they’ll focus on the potentially larger T2D market.