Meet Mr. Peachy: a person with type 2 diabetes who loves to answer people's questions

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If you have a question or a concern about diabetes and you don’t see yourself joining a social network like to get an answer, there is a great resource that only requires you to have a Yahoo! account. It’s called Yahoo! Answers. As described by them, “Yahoo! Answers is an online community in which participants ask and answer questions on a wide range of topics.”

One of the topics covered by Yahoo! Answes is diabetes. Among the millions of people that could be answering your diabetes questions next time you visit Yahoo! Answers, we chatted with Craig, better known to Yahoo! Answers users as “Mr. Peachy.” Until not too long ago he stood as the top contributor in the diabetes category. Craig was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2003. His most recent A1C was 5.8 and he is a member of®.

Why do you answer people’s questions through Yahoo! Answers?
I made a promise to God to go out and help others learn, as I did, to become less dependent on doctors and more dependent on themselves. That’s to say that people need to do more homework by and for themselves.

When and how did you get started?
In the fall of 2006, I started a website and joined several forums to help people. I didn’t realize the potential of Yahoo! Answers to reach people until the winter of 2006. That’s when I began to realize that I could help even more folks with a positive outlook. I noticed that there was a diabetes section under Health/Diseases and Conditions: I had found my home.

How much time do you dedicate to it on a daily/weekly basis?
I have spent as long as three or four hours a day on Yahoo! Answers, but lately I rarely spend more than an hour per day. I now spend a lot more time outdoors burning Calories and thinking a lot.

What are the good things about Yahoo! Answers?
I feel I have given some people hope and taught them how to take better care of themselves and to not depend so much on others. Also, I’ve made quite a few friends there, so I don’t see myself getting tired of this in the near future.

Do you see any downsides to Yahoo! Answers?
Yes. I’ve managed to make a few enemies with my outspoken attitude against poor recommendations for taking care of type 2 diabetes. It does not have to be a progressive disease: you don’t have to have trouble healing and it’s not that difficult to control IF you’re armed with the right knowledge and willing to work at it.

Anything else you would like to share?
Type 2 diabetes is a disease of ignorance more than anything. I think the American Diabetes Association could do a lot more to raise awareness about type 2 diabetes. We are literally eating ourselves to death and this disease could be controlled a lot better if people learned more about nutrition.

This reminds me: I found a wonderful nutrition info site that breaks down the most popular foods into all of their dietary components, called NutritionData.

One last question: Why the name "Mr. Peachy”?
Originally, it was simply, “Peachy” (as in ‘peachy keen’). It denoted how I felt after overcoming depression and starting a new life. Sometime after meeting a very a friend from Yahoo! Answers, she emailed me one day calling me “Mr. Peachy”… From that day on, the name stuck.

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