Meet the Face of Change

I have agreed to participate in the Meet the Face of Change Exhibit. I will be in my first “photo shoot” next week. Who else is involved in this exhibit?

I heard about this… what’s it all about? I think I remember wanting to find out about it but life gets hectic so I forgot. Whats the deal with it?

Way to go! I think Rick Smolan deserves kudos for this concept. It takes the disease and presents it in a medium that people can relate to. I wish there was a similar effort for Type 1 diabetics too.

I just Googled it - looks very cool. Why can’t they have one for Type 1’s? (Although I’d have to put a bag on my head.)
Way to go, Travis.
Hope you are having a good transition into fall - we’ve got a bit of “crispness” to the air - great for sleeping.
Stay well.

Hi Kathy:

You are way too pretty for a bag on your head! I have always liked your smile.

FALL? What is that? Today the high was in the upper 80’s. The same is set for tomorrow, and Thurdays is supposed to be 90.

Don’t be too jealous about this effort for Type 2s. If more folks don’t change their ways, they will develope Type 2 earlier in life, like me. If they take care of themselves, they may keep it bay and may never have it develope. I think a lot of Type 2s have something of a choice, while Type 1s do not.

Hi Travis:

Wow! That’s sounds exciting. Good for you. You may get into
a movie audition since you are quite photogenic. :wink: Have Fun
with it.


Yeah, but the world already has a “Bruce Willis”, a “Harrison Ford”, a “Wonder Dog”, etc. I don’t think I would fit in.

Well, maybe so but you know, I really don’t like that new Superman.
I’m sure his job is up for grabs by now. : D

The photographer calle dme Saturday morning and we have agreed to meet Wednesday morning. I will be taking him to some construction sites where I will be performing building inspections.

Way cool! I wish I could be that photogenic! Of course, all of us in our support group think you da man!
Missed you at the Walk today… I have raised over $3000 just on my own! Can you believe it?

“I have raised over $3000 just on my own! Can you believe it?”

Yes I can. You are awsome!

The phot session went fairly well, considering rain about the whole time. The photographer arrived at the City Building Inspection Department just after 8:00 a.m. We met, discussed how we were going to handle the rain, and we went to do a Certificate of Occupancy Inspection on a new house. The photographer (Eric) took a series of photos and then we went to a shopping center that is being remodeled where I had a meeting with the General Contractor, his electrician, and a representative from Georgia Power.

During the previous week Georgia Power turned on the power to a group of stores in this shopping center and blew a fuse at the transformer. I was told that the “fire works” created were most impressive. The purpose of the meeting was to determine how we were going to proceed with getting the power restored to the stores being remodeled. I introduced Eric and he quickly went to work. It was a little embarrassing with him following me around, asking me to “look that way”, “look this way”, etc.

We then went back to my office where he took numerous shots of me reviewing a set of building plans, smiling at the camera, looking at the ceiling, etc. The whole thing lasted about two hours. Eric must have taken a hundred pictures.

Remind me to get your autograph when I see you again… I’ve never really met a true celebrity before!

nah… but you sure are!

I just got my photo that was selected for the exhibit. It was taken while I was inspecting a commercial building. The photographer stood on a ladder while he had me stand just inside the front door. I tried to post it, but I failed.

I’m Glad to hear that it was a success Travis. Are you Happy with the photo that he chose?
It must have been hard to chose just one. Do you get to keep a few of the pictures? Yes, of
course. It would have to rain on “the day”. I’m sure you had Fun anyways. Now you have an
idea how a celeb feels when being followed by the photographers. :stuck_out_tongue: :o) Hopefully,
someone can help you get that photo on here.

U R SOOOOO COOL! I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks at our support group meeting…

Here is the photo. As I stated earlier, I was inspecting a commercial building. The photographer stood on a ladder while he had me stand just inside the front door. What you can’t see is the construction workers watching the photographer order me around. So in the photo I may look like I am smiling, but I am really muttering “Take the damn picture already.”
8805-Travis.pdf (770 KB)

that is an AWESOME pic! how cool will it be, when i see that out, i can now say “hey! that’s one of my friends from TuDiabetes!”