Meeting TuDiabetes Friends @ JDRF Walk today

Today was the JDRF Walk in SF (and other places) and, as some of you perhaps know, today also was the Hallmark Heroes shoot following the walk… there were lots of friends from the TuDiabetes family today that I had the chance of seeing again (Priscilla and her son, Kelly, Lorraine) and some that I had the honor of meeting for the first time (Diana, Aaron and DiabeticIzMe, with her family).

After the shoot was over (we were truly exhausted), we spent the rest of the evening with DiabeticIzMe and her lovely family. Her husband and her super-cute 2-year old, Naya, are so incredible. THESE are the things that make this family so great, you know? Getting to meet some of the members in person… it’s as if you are reconnecting with an old pal that you haven’t seen for a while.

I invite you all to organize meet ups with others in the community that live close to you… do a search for your city on the Members page, to see who you find. Soon we will be improving the Member search to make this task easier but in the meantime, you can probably find dozens of people in your area that you can meet up with in person… and then try to tell others who may not even be members of the community.

I’m jealous that you got to meet Cherise :slight_smile: Some day…

lol, Kristin, we’ll meet one day! maybe when you go back to MI:) I would love yo meet you.
Scott, Niya and I had a ball. Niya cried for about 15 min after you all left. She said Santi was her brother and he left her…Your wife…OMG I wish I lived closer because I could hang out with her. You are like a brother from another mother and I would do everything all over again, I am glad I had the chance to meet you and your family. I still can’t believe I actually had the chance to go across the Golden Gate Bridge, thank you again. You are awesome…I am very tired…lol I will send you the pic’s from my phone…tell Adraina (sorry, if I mispelled) hello! tell Santi hi and Niya miss’s him.

Will do, amiga… it was AWESOME to meet you guys too! :slight_smile: