Meeting with the Minimed Rep on Monday, July 23

At this point I know I want to try it. I like the Cozmo better as a pump but I really want the all in one pump and CGMS. It seems to be a big deal to do a trial but not to buy the thing with a 30 day money back policy. I can’t wait - I really hope it works so we can get a better feel for trends. Every now and again, Sasha complains about feeling low when she is not. I believe her and have to think that she is just droppnig quickly. I’d cross my fingers but it seems to effect my typing!

Hi, I would love to read about how your meeting with MM goes.

Will do. Although we needed to put it off until next Tuesday.

My wife schedule keeps on changing - so we decided to give it a try. I just left a message for the rep.