Mellow wednesday

So…let’s see if I can keep this up for more then one day. Today was the day I get my kids back for a few days before I have the whole weekend to myself. Being a single dad of 3, I kind of enjoy the few days alone. I get to play the guitar and sing a whole song without being interrupted to see if one can have fruit snacks. Of course, the day they go to their moms’ I want them back by lunch.

Today was totally lame. I fasted last night so I could get my labs done, but I went to the gym late, like 9pm. Sugars were at like 110 afterwards. So, I drink a glass of regular Coke (YUCK!) and start the 12 hour countdown. Usually I wake up several times a night to go to the bathroom and get a drink, luckily I didn’t get out of bed last night. I knew I had a conference call at 9am, I roll over, and it’s 8:59am. I don’t want to move, feel a headache coming on, decide to run downstairs and make coffee while I call in. Check the sugars 58…damnit…didn’t even feel it. Then as I race for the apple juice, the shakes come on. Shovel in cereal, apple juice, 2 pancakes, coffee, and cherries. In the meantime, my boss asks me to introduce the new guy I hired. I am barely able to make a damn sentence. To top it all off, now I can’t go get the fasting labs done, yet again! ARGH!

I don’t really like to tell my boss or co workers about specifics with my diabetes. They don’t really understand it anyway, and then they start to worry about me at a job. “We better take a break, Todd really needs to eat.” I am getting better at excepting that I do need to eat, but I can’t help feeling alienated. It’s like I am handicapped, and I don’t want to get special attention or treatment. I can handle myself. If I don’t show on a conference call, I’ll get like 15 phone messages panicking that I am dead or something. Why must everyone assume if I miss a call I’m dead, anyone else misses a call and they just figure that person is a flake?

Wow, I guess I had some ■■■■ on my head tonight :wink: Then, I got the kids from school, my 10 year old had a dance show, we had dinner and all watched American Idol together. All of us in my bed, it was awesome. Just tucked 'em all in, read the little one Nemo, and now it’s time for me to read an adult book (didn’t mean porn there :wink: and go to sleep myself. I hope I can still have a decent appointment with my Endo w/o the fasting labs. I am sick of feeling like this everyday.

Bring on Thursday.