Mental BGs, mental neigbours, mental clients…The worlds gone mental!

I warn you this is a frustrated (but probably amusing) rant… I need to put it down so I can try to walk away from it if you see what I mean, my head might explode if i don’t (image of me with top of head flipping up and green smoke bubbling out like the cartoons)?!

Where to start… at the beginning I suppose.
My BG’s are crackers, no rhyme or reason, almost doubling bolus’ for food and intermittant bolusing as my BG’s are consistently above 12mmol. WHICH IS FRUSTRATING to say the least. it’s a chicken and egg situation though as you will see… Right now for the rationalisation and excorcising of frustrations…

We have had ‘problems’ with our neighbours since they moved next door in January. I really wanted to be friends, I made excuses for them, youthful exuberance, over zealous celebrating, jees I even defended them to people that did that wide eyed, sharp intake of breath while shaking their heads (indicating a rather you then me kinda mindset), like plumbers do when they say ‘it’s gonna be an expensive job’, who it now seems, clearly were right.

A brief list of problems includes
hideously loud bad dance music from a wannabe DJ, which on occasion has actually vibrated stuff off the shelves in our flat!!! (can you imagine??!!)
All night drinking and rowdy parties,
eardrum perforating screaming and arguments,
ritual furniture smashing and
spousal wall bouncing (SHE I have come to the conclusion is unhinged!!).

When they came we tried to welcome them and get along but I think they didn’t give a Sh*t. It all rapidly escalated and one weekend they were at it for 72 hours straight, even through the night!! My OH and I are not moaners by nature, but I feel extremely anxious and frightened when it kicks off. We’ve tried to help, advise, suggest without patronising and treat them (19 and 23 YO) as responsible adults and to deal with these problems in a civilised and polite manner, face to face, but to no avail.
We’ve only spoken to the landlord on 2 occasions until now but have had many more occsaions where perhaps we should have. It always quiets down after the letters, but madam took umbridge after the last one and stopped speaking but started glaring and flouncing off when we saw them… I have had a nasty sense of a forboding but tried not to be judgemental or listen to gossip… but he was ok with us, even immediately after Fridays events… the reason will become clear later in the blog, until she got bailed… but lets not put the cart before the horse (personally i’d like to put the horse AND the cart on her but I digress…)

Right background established, last weekend we had my OH’s daughter and grandson (4YO) staying. I had felt an atmosphere building up all day, I even mentioned it to my OH, do you ever get like a sixth sense that somethings gonna happen? I sound like I’m from the Twilight zone I know but… well I felt it!

Well at 8.30PM the jungle drums started, doof doof doof doof. So Step daughter and OH went round to ask if they could just turn it down for the sake of the little one. Eventually young female (henceforth known as psycho) came to the door but wouldn’t open it screaming through it like a banshee, nutter!! As My OH and SD tried to reason with her she opened the door and went even more mental screaming profanities and making no sense, threatening the child, all sorts! Blind drunk… or something… and in an awful rage… (god I bet her ma’s proud…NOT!!).

Anyway the long and short of it was my SD got assaulted by psycho!! The police here are pretty ineffectual as they are overstretched and hampered by political correctness and the removal of any authority the used to have, it’s like they’ve been castrated. Whilst SD was checking, via phone, the progress we could hear psycho attacking her boyf next door, it’s awful to hear, just awful. As the police arrived, he was climbing out of his first floor window (we live in flats) to get away from her (hence the moniker ‘psycho’)!!! Well eventually after trying to break in her door, because for some reason she wouldn’t open it, the dozy mare also jumped out of the window!! WTH? He (of the beating) spoke to my OH afterwards, all pleasant and apologetic and needed a ladder to regain access as the door was locked and they’d both exited through the window, duuh!!

Apparently police were actually only coming to take her statement as she had made a false counter accusation. Anyway the upshot is they’re being evicted but due to rights and due process we potentially have another month of crap to put up with as they were already on notice. So far there’s been systematic annoying banging and loud veiled threats, all unprovable, which we can do nothing about as we can’t/won’t approach her at all etc.

AAAHHHRRRRGGGGG why is it the damned criminal always has ALL the rights and not the victims?!! I am on pins just waiting for retribution for standing up to them, every time there’s a funny noise or loud voices I get a surge of anger/fear/anxiety I am sure the consistent release of body shaking, heart pounding, nosebleed inducing adrenaline is screwing with my BG’s. Seriously I can’t hold the mouse at my computed sometimes, which I’m sure would be a funnier image if it weren’t for the reason.

To add into the high octane stress factor of my ever complex life, my boss (and friend’s) brother (also a friend of mine) died very suddenly at the weekend and despite my personal grief, I have stepped in to breech for my friend/boss, which would be ok if it were any other job, I mean any other job, (seriously I have had nightmares about this job, cold sweats, the works!!) I could bore you stiff (and probably already have) but suffice it to say the clients are TooooTALLY unrealistic about everything, they want it all done yesterday but don’t produce the necessary manuscripts/images to do that, I can only assume they expect some degree of clairvoyancy from me and they refuse to help us to help them achieve these unrealistic deadlines by ignoring the suggestions I make, to aid in the delivery of the job. Heeeeelp meeeeeeeeeee, I have decided work would be excellent if it weren’t for clients ha ha haaaa ;o)

Add into the mix that I have to be referred to a rheumatologist and my monthly joy is pending so the stress and hormones are totally throwing my bg’s even more out of whack. I could scream I really could. I feel frazzled. Wow if there is a god I seriously question his judgement sometimes, do you think I could sue him like Billy Connelly in the film ‘The Man Who Sued God’? Very funny film. Sorry I don’t mean to offend anyone’s personal beliefs but I seriously wonder sometimes :oD

If you got this far you deserve a medal and a hug, hopefully my next entry will be more light hearted

Yikes!! Hang in there the best you can, Louisa

Thanks scott, I feel better for getting it all down. Calmer. and breeeeeathe ;o) x

Wow. That’s alot to deal with. You need to find a place you can relax. Any chance of going to a day spa or something? Some way to pamper yourself? Hope all gets better.

Thanks Kathy, it’s that age old addage ‘it never rains but it pours’. Do you know what I might just take that suggestion and do that, it’s my birthday soon so I wouldn’t feel too guilty. Thanks for wading through it, you and Scott are on my honours list he hee ;oD x

maybe we can form an action group x x x

Being a former internet DJ I know how to fight the rave beat since no matter what I used to play someone would love or hate it and inform me what I should play. Whenever the rave music starts counter it with 70’s cheesy love songs so loud the whole building moves :slight_smile: She might move immediately. Also you can learn all the lyrics and sing so loud it will make you laugh. This kind of stress is so hard on BG’s :frowning: keep breathing one breath at a time.

Be loved

Ha ha ha ROFLMAO Laura, I might just try that, laughter is good for the soul and bloomin irritating to those seeking to annoy you to boot.
Damn straight the stress is a b*tch for blowing my sugars outta the water, I’m just trying to chill for the next 2 weeks and then…and this is awful… they’ll be someone elses problem, though they’ve pretty much blown it with every letting agency in the area, maybe they’ll mend their ways, ha ha ha though I somehow doubt it ;o)!!

no worries debb I’ve been called worse ha ha and you’re right about the puffy-eyed-ness can’t have that now ;o) Thanks for reading you all deserve medals ha ha ha x x x