Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Well I finally got some good news today. BCBS finally paid for my pump. It took help from my company’s insurance broker but it is finally been paid. The other good news is MM owes me some money because I paid my 20% up front and I overpaid my out of pocket for the year. So my supplies are sort of free for the next two times. Just thought I share that with you.

Had to work today, have been coughing for the last week so I called the doctor on Christmas Eve day for an appointment and found out I have bronchitis. Doc gave me Prednisone and a antibiotic so I have to watch bs because of the steroid. But that’s fine as long as the cough goes away.

Now to the more important stuff. What is everyone doing for the Holiday tomorrow. I know I am cooking two rib roasts, a lamb roast and baking a cake that I won’t eat. LOL. Maybe just a little piece with the help of a bolus of insulin.

Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas and New Years. Best Wishes.

Great news about the pump Richard!! Merry Christmas!

What a great Christmas present!

You must be feeding quite a crowd.

Just an update on the pump. It’s all paid for. And I am back on antibiotics and prednisone because I can’t shake the bronchitis. But other than that all’s good.