Merry Christmas by the numbers

Woke up today and was 135, took my normal insulin, ate biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Went back to bed after opening presents with my mom and dad. Guess my body wasn’t ready to get up at 7. Woke up around 10, checked blood sugar again just to be sure and it was sitting at a happy 125. Was thinking this was going to be a great Christmas after all. Now my mom has no clue about diabetes, she thinks it comes from eating to much sugar as a kid. She also thinks that lows or highs are simple to treat, but as all of us know here that is a challenge especially on a holiday. Went to my grandma’s for lunch, checked again before I ate was at 115 this time. I decided to take an extra 5 units of insulin along with my normal lunch time insulin, due to the massive amount of carbs I knew I would be consuming. I did snack on a lot of veggies before lunch so that I wouldn’t eat near as much lunch as I would normally eat. After lunch my cousins and I decided to go out and enjoy the snow, we had a 2 hour snowball fight. Had a blast, even my 4 year old cousins were out there with us. It was so funny to watch them, they would run up really close and throw snow at me, so I would pretend not to pay attention to them doing it and then I would squeal when the snow hit me. After we were all suffieciently frozen as none of us had come prepared for snowball fighting. Most of us were only in sweaters and sweatshirts and jeans with no gloves as it was in the 40’s. We go inside to get warm and unwrap presents. Leave that grandparent’s house, come home unload my loot along with my parents and head to my other grandma’s house. I check my sugar before I go in I am at 88, so I decide to eat half a ham sandwhich as I was not really hungry but I guess the snowball fight did a number on my sugar. I head up to the attic to go book hunting (my grandpa loved to read as much as I did and my grandma kept most of his books after he died). Unwrap more presents and then we head home. I get home check sugar it is at 98. I eat some salami and crackers and decide to take a bath. My parents have a jacuzzi that takes 30 minutes to fill up so I decided to pamper myself and take a nice long hot soak with a good book. After about 30 minutes in the tub, I start to feel shakey. I think to myself I can’t be low already, I just ate and wasn’t that low to begin with. (I did take insuline before I ate the salami). I climb out of the tub and I head out of the bathroom, my mom looks at me and asks me if I am ok, she said I was pale as a sheet and looked like I was going to pass out. I slowly make my way downstairs to where my bedroom is. I check my blood sugar and can’t believe it is at 38. So I grab a box of juicey juice and drink it before I make my way back upstairs, I grab the peanut butter jar and bread and make a sandwhich and have a glass of milk. I know it has stabilized but I haven’t checked it yet. I am about to do some book shopping on amazon as I got a gift card there. This has been a great week, not having to worry about school or work. I am still waiting on my final grades though.