Metabolic syndrome

does anyone have it? I do. It is a combination of diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypertension, hyperlipids,ie, cholesterol, triglycerides, gerd, sleep apnea. I am going to have to go on insulin the 13th of this month. type 2. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Yes, I also have it. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with hypothyroidism and sleep apnea. It has more to do with your cardiovascular health than anything.

See these links:

One can pretty much argue that almost all T2’s have this syndrome.

It is key to insulin resistance issues.

And most of us got here due to sedentary lifestyles combined with genetic markers toward diabetes.

I take a low dose statin for my TGs and a low dose BP med for my hypertension.

I was on insulin in my late 20s and 30s. I was able to COMPLETELY control my diabetes in my mid to late 30s with diet and exercise alone. However, that meant not eating carbs to the extent I kept it under 100 g a day and working out twice a day (a total of an hour and a half each day - cardio and strength). My BMI was slightly over 26, still overweight (and if you saw me, you would hardly say I was overweight), but low fat ratio. I was able to keep my a1c under 6 during this time.

At 36, my liver starting dumping glucose, my TGs went up, and at 38, my blood pressure went up, at 40, I gained the weight back, and my a1c went up.

I went on Byetta with my Metformin - which has helped me reduce my insulin sensitivity, which has helped me to lose 20 lbs. and use diet and exercise to reduce my a1c to now 5.2

My endo did this to save my pancreas for another 10 years so that I don’t have to be on insulin until I’m 50. I’m ok with insulin, but I had a devil of a time losing weight on it.

Good luck! It’s a constant battle with exercise, diet, and weight with me!


IIRC Metabolic syndrome includes 3 or more of the following: hypertension, abdominal adiposity (waist measurement > 35" for women, > 40" for men, waist:hip ratio > 0.8 for women, > 1.0 for men), dyslipidimia (high cholesterol), insulin resistance, general obesity. When I was diagnosed with T2 and hypertension in 2002, the term “metabolic syndrome” (and its predecessor “syndrome X”) were first beginning to be discussed.

I lost weight through a variation of a very-low sodium (<1000 mg/day) 1500-calorie ADA Exchange diet – avoiding all refined grains, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fats; adding in a fish oil capsule and 2 T ground flax seed daily for omega-3 fatty acids, eating less animal products and more plant-based proteins, keeping fats under 30% of total calories, saturated fats under 7% of total calories, and dietary cholesterol under 200 mg/day average (a day in which I had an egg yolk or shrimp would obviously send me over).

This worked for about two years, got me moved from glipizide extended release to metformin extended release to diet-only, and from atenolol and Cozaar to Cozaar only, and then off blood pressure meds – then I ended up in a job in which my time to eat and prepare healthy foods became quite limited, and the job stress brought my pressure back up. Seven years out from diagnosis, I’ve gained back about half the weight and I’ve been back on Cozaar for about 4 years now (and the dose has just been upped. Ugh.). But my cholesterol is very good – never needed any cholesterol meds. I need to get back on the diet program…

Thanks to all of you who answered my call for help. It was all so informative.

We are so alike!!! I got “busy,” too, and fell off the wagon. Good to hear your story and what worked for you, too.

Ok, to update ya’ll. I went to endocrin. and she put me on insulin (levemir) 10 units at bedtime and we’ll go from there. I am now taking LEVEMIR, METFORMIN, GLIMEPERIDE, AND SYMLIN. Hopefully out of all this something will work.