Metaphors (May the Force) Be With You

Just a metaphor I heard a long time ago that has to do with diabetes and weight loss.

BOTH are life long deals. You can’t take a vacation from either one. You have to every day have the right life style.

If you make a mistake its like a flat tire on a trip. You don’t just turn around and walk home. You change the flat tire and get your road map (endo instructions) out and keep going. You consider what gave you that flat tire and try to avoid the bumps (ups) and pot holes (downs) and speed bumps (temptations) – you follow the road signs (rules) and stop to fill your car when you are supposed to with the right fuel (right food).

Eventually, you will get to your destination (health goal0 but as always its the journey (LIFE) that is the most important. And remember, even the highway has weight stations (somebody always checking)

Just being silly:
A wrong turn = thinking what works for everyone else will always work for you
Hot blonde in the seat next to you = someone saying, "go ahead and eat it, it won’t hurt"
Junk in the trunk = good old fashioned guilt
another car honking at you = your mother reminding you
green light = awesome A1C
AAA = diabetic educator

Good points! Thanks for sharing.