Meter Fun

Was just sitting reading posts and got an idea. I think it would be a lot more fun to test if my meter did rolling numbers, like a slot machine while waiting for results. LOL just me?

That’s a great idea. It would probably motivate me to test more often too. Maybe you should copyright it and sell it to one of the companies that make meters. If you don’t I might, lol.

I like this idea. It could also chime will bells and whistles if it’s in range, sound a foghorn if low and an alarm if high. Some flashing LED lights would be cool, too.


Of course, it would be a little hard to test discretely at the restaurant . . .

That’s hilarious!

Maybe it could spew out coins if you were in target range, and glucose tabs if you were low :slight_smile:

I want this feature plus rainbow LED flashes. I wouldn’t want bells though, all my D technology beeps and sings at me enough to drive me mad as it is! Maybe it could track how many of your sugars were within the range you set and you could upload the data to a website and get prizes for your readings. You get to set the goal (example-no BGs under 70 premeal for one week) and you can cash in for a prize. Even if the prize was not big, I would do this!

We must put this to the meter manufactures, I think it’s hilarious. If we could also get the meter to dance when blds are good and wave a little fist at us if they are bad. Save us doing it.

I want mine to talk…in a very manly sexy voice to me! “Oh Robyn…you are perfect bloodsugar right now…110, you are amazing baby!” lol

this would be great!! it would make things much more exciting!! i agree with you Di…maybe it could spit out some money for good results!!

What IF, it told us we could have a few extra hours off from testing and worrying, not that would be nice, and what if it told us, yeah you can have a bit of Pizza, my no.s will be lovely next time.

Keith, you’re brilliant!

Here’s a fledgling diabetes reward site where you can earn and redeem points for reading/watching diabetes self-care info:

“i told her to stop eating when she was low but she kept shoving it in.”

Geez, I’m laughing here, meters chatting to one another. Mine would end up in a mental institution, saying, " why the hell did i end up with her ? ) .It would undoubtedly have said at one stage that I had forgot of its existance, and that it hadn’t seen outside it’s little house in ages.

Mine will just talk sexy :slight_smile:

Yes talking sexy would be good, like the English accent strangely enough.

She was low, I was telling her to stop, but oh no any excuse, then she throws me off the nearest wall when it all goes pearshaped. Wonder if she is T1 or T2, no only kiddin’, those T1’s are the worst though.

Yes, I want mine to have an accent. :slight_smile:

Accents are v important, especially when blds are being bold.

Meter’s talking to each other - this is a fascinating idea. You could set your meter to be receptive or not. If it’s on, it might say something like:

“There’s another meter nearby, would you like to ping it?”


“Amanda’s meter is trying to say hello. Say hello back or ignore?”

Things would go nuts at the Diabetes Expo.


I think the talking to another would be great. You could try to figure out who’s diabetic.LOL

We would have little nasty meters who liked to stir and then the other meter who would be the peacekeepers. They would no doubt form political groups. There would also be the old versus new meters.

Everybody likes the idea so much. I just did a suggestion to Roche makers of Accu-Chek Aviva, this is the meter I use. We’ll see!