Meter readings what does it all stand for

My doctor tells me I should be aiming for 7 or below, 7 what he talks a lot but I do not take much of it in guess I am a bit thick in the head the reading this morning on my nano machine accu-chek was 7.2 below the reading it says mmoI/L what that all about.

As you can see my education when it comes to diabetes is not very good a bit like the secondary modern education I got in the early 60s.

Had another wobble in the night woke up strange as ou do when a hypo is on the horizen downed a couple of muller rice strawberry instead of half a glass of orange juice like the doctor told me, when a hypo starts all rasoning goes out of the window not a very structured person kinda panic a bit.

The readig this morning was 7.2 so I undune all the good work from yesterday in one binge need to re-focus now