Metformin and LADA

from a 2003 article on the website:

"Whether metformin is of benefit
is unclear.The drug may be
contraindicated in those with
LADA as there is a theoretical
risk of severe metabolic
disturbance in people who
progress to insulin dependency
whilst taking metformin."

Is this information current? Should those with LADA avoid metformin because it can cause 'severe metabolic disturbance'?

God, I hope not. I'm LADA and currently on Metformin. I'll have to look into this.

I'm LADA and been taking metformin for...10-15 years, I have yet to experience 'severe metabolic disturbance', whatever that is supposed to be.

A quick google turned up an example of "severe metabolic disturbance": Diabetes!

Maybe they are worried that someone who is LADA and doing OK without insulin and on Metformin, when they do become insulin dependent, the patient/docs/emergency personnel will not respond quickly enough with administration of insulin?


metformin is a Mitochondria toxin. if you a Mitochondria disease, like me, metformin will cause myopathy.
i have the Mitochondria DNA mutation a3243g (i have it’s memorized like a prison number)so i easy words. i have Melas (Mitochondria encephalomyopathy with lactic acidosis and stroke like symptoms)i can’t take antidepressants cause they all cause autonomic nerve damage. google’Mitochondria toxins’ and click on the link from mitoaction. please.
i’m on quest to inform people about Mitochondria disease. and while your attitude it search for Melas onWikipedia.

The "severe metabolic disturbance" is about lactic acidosis. A rare side effect usually brought on by liver or kidney failure. That is why the prescribing information says it is not to be used if you have either liver or kidney problems. There is virtually no risk for people with normal liver and kidney function.

I think the best treatment for prediabetes and LADA is to simply normalize your blood sugar. Follow a good diet, exercise and then if you respond to medications like metformin that is fine. But with LADA you need to be prepared to move to insulin when your blood sugars degrade.

are you taking any other medications or insulin for LADA? i thought metformin wouldn't work with LADA. Were you tested for antibodies? which did you have?

Since I was misdiagnosed as a Type 2 twenty five years ago, I have taken just about every 'Type 2' diabetes Meds available. Imagine the medical community's shock when nothing worked, except insulin - sort of.

I've been on insulin since the initial diagnosis in the hospital. (Well, there was this 2-3 year stent where I stopped needing insulin completely two years after diagnosis, starting the day after my appendectomy - but that is another story.)

Without metformin, I was taking upwards of 140 units/day and still was not 'controlled'.

After a while (and a variety of failed treatment strategies, I decided to take charge and fire the stupid doctors I had and start managing it myself. I did a lot of research and found a doctor that I could work with. After lots of trial and error we finally found something that works for me - a pump and metformin.

Suffering from insulin resistance, the metformin, is very effective (for me) in moderating the glucose dump from my liver after/during meals (and increased glucose uptake in peripheral muscle tissue), eliminating the complications from hyperinsulinemia combined with hyperglycemia.

Never got around to antibodies testing due to the aforementioned stupid doctors and cheap insurance companies. And recently with an A1c of 6.0, an average BG of 114, and essentially zero hypos; there really is no need (and my current insurance company will not authorize them) because it will not effect my treatment.

Without food intake (I had the unfortunate opportunity to test this a few times recently - can't eat for certain medical procedures and could not take the metformin) I don't even need it and can maintain my BG at basically whatever number I want and it remains flat without much variability.

However, if I eat without having metformin, I routinely get BG's in the 250-300, or higher, range. This happens with my routine diet and insulin dose. So yes, it is extremely effective for me.