Metformin Chewing Gum for type 2 diabetes and Obesity

I received this article thought I would share it with you all in case you didn’t hear about it already.

It seems that chewing gum is a good method of drug delivery. Generex Biotechnology collaborates with medicinal chewing gum developer Fertin Pharma A/S to develop a chewing gum containing metformin, a generic drug used for the treatment of Type-2 diabetes mellitus and obesity. The collaboration will seek to combine Generex’s proprietary buccal drug delivery platform technologies with Fertin’s know-how related to gum base formulations, and taste masking/modification to create a metformin medicinal chewing gum that will deliver metformin into the body via the buccal mucosa. (the inner lining of the mouth)
The developers hope that this method of delivery will circumvent adverse side effects associated with taking metformin in tablet form such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, and increased gas production.

Would you be willing to give this Gum a try? whats your take on this article?

I’m t1, so don’t need the drug, but I doubt many older folks will want to chew gum. perhaps a mouth spray would suit?

Better maybe for the t2 kiddos out there these days…

I’d love to try it, I hate taking pills.

I’d love to try it. I like to chew gum for fresh breath; why not for meds…beats taking pills.

I was on metformin…have you seen the size of those pills??? HUGE…I wish I would have known about this along time ago. What are the side effects???

That would be cool! But being from the Philippines, I may need to wait years for it to me made locally…

I’m not taking drugs at the moment, but would definitely consider the Metformin chewing gum. The ideal solution would be if the two could be combined so that you could say, take an AM pill, and then chew gum at other times of the day.