Metformin, different question

On the t1d and Metformin issue. My dr switched me from generic to brand name to try to reduce certain GI side effects. For those of you on brand names, is there one that seems to work better than others in that regard (decreased side effects).
Here are the brand names:
U.S. Brand Names
Glucophage® XR

I am on glumetza and it has reduced my side effects by maybe a third. Other thing that has happened that did not on the generic, is that when I slip into a very low hypoglycemia, my housemate has a very hard time bringing me out of it, contrary to past episodes when on generic. I just recently learned that Metformin can do that by preventing the liver from releasing glycogen. Actually, a CDE at the endo office told me that. I am on only 500 twice a day. I think I need 300 twice a day but it doesn’t come like that.

So, two questions, I guess.

  1. Are some brand name Mets better than others on GI side effects? If yes, which works better for you?

  2. Are you finding that your hypos, if you have them, are harder to treat compared to before Metformin?