Metformin er causing dirreah now

i have been taking Metformin ER for over 10 years. had a rough time for about a year with nausea and dirreah and then got better. now, I am taking 2 500mg tablets daily and really having problems with emergency trips to the bathroom. i was wondering if taking them together after night meal would help as most of the problems are in the afternoon because I do not eat a heavy breakfast–just cereal or biscuit. night is our meal with meat, and vegetables and carb. i am tired feeling so attached to the bathroom. any helpful ideas???

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Fran, Diarrhea is a common side effect of Met I have also learned that using ER can reduce these side effects. …but most also adjust after a certain time of use. I overcame mine after about 3 months of use. Had you consulted your doctor regarding this? Maybe reducing dosage or change in medication can help?

Hi Fran,

I take Met as well and in the beginning I had this issue until my body adjusted. I do take mine with meals which I think does help this issue. I’ve also noticed that if I “fall off the bandwagon” so to speak and skip my meds for a while, when I start taking them again I have this issue until I adjust again.

As Teena mentioned, it is a side effect of Met and I agree, talk it over with your doctor and see if there is something else you can try.

thanks for the helpful message. i am trying to take the 2 pills together at night after my larger meal. i don’t have much trouble at night for some reason. i hope this helps. this is the first day i try this method. i didnot take the met. this morn…am waiting till tonight. hope it works.

thanks again for your kind reply in trying to help. i did take 2 immodium yesterday, and that seems to help. but, i certainly don’t want to get ‘dependent’ on them. i am trying taking 2 Met. together tonight instead of one in more and one at night. hope that taking them after the larger meal will help as I do not get ill at night. just early afternoon until about 4 PM. will let you know how this works…

I take the maximum amount of metformin- 2550 mg. I found for me it is better to not take it with meals. I take it the minute I wake up, then around 10:30 am and then last thing before bed. I’ve been on it for 4 years. The only time I have problems with it is if I eat too many carbs or processed food. I have given up cereal and most things made from wheat except sprouted grain bread. The other thing is sometimes when I pick up a new Rx, the metformin may be from a different manufacturer. If you were tolerating it before and now not so well you may check that. It may be something totally unrelated to the metformin, too.

thanks for the information. had not even thought of the mfg. they do change sometimes. i will definitely check on that. seems to have helped to take both pills at bedtime last night. hope the ‘feeling’ stays good. it is nice to hear from so many…

My endo told me to take mine at the end of a meal when there is food in the stomach. If you are not on the extended release type, it seems to me you should be taking it every 12 hours instead of all at once.

I don’t know how much food is required but even cereal or a biscuit may be enough. Do you also have milk with breakfast or some type of protein?

Also, if you can afford it or have good insurance–my endo switched me from generic to brand name Met ER due to GI symptoms. I guess the brand name + ER type has reduced my symptoms by about 1//3. Still not great but some better.