Metformin problems, terrible suffering- but not G.I

My blood sugar has been in the normal range on metformin. (75-105). I have tried several different doses with good results. But after about 6 months on the drug I started to have sweating, hot flashes and severe chills. I get these temperature changes in quick succession - and have to bundle up and strip off my sweater and more many times a day, hot flashes then minutes later I am freezing and have to cover up.
My doctor recommended berberine but I just read it damages the liver. I am off met for 3 days in a row now and am starting to feel better as far as the chills and sweats, but my blood sugar will rise. It was 95 fasting today (high for me) but I fear what it will do after my largest meal- dinner- when I eat a big low carb salad with a few nuts, cheese and meat or fish. Has anyone else had chills or hot flashes on the metformin? I am thinking staggering my intake of met. I do not want insulin, hardly need it I guess. Any information would be appreciated.

have your kidney function tested also…speaking from experience…best wishes!